Baby Gaga Ice Cream: All Natural and Free-Range

I don’t know about you, but rare is the moment that I will say no to ice cream. Gelato, soft ice cream, and ice cream on crepes – I will almost always take you up on your offer if it’s all about these frozen delights (and most any other dessert). Now, food geeks know that the success of desserts rests mainly on one ingredient: milk. The quality of the milk will largely determine the quality of the ice cream.

What if you use the best milk in the world? Human breast milk, that is.

You may be gagging from the mere thought of eating ice cream made from human breast milk, but it seems that there is something to be said about this “new” product. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the use of human breast milk in adult food products is not that novel. This is, however, probably the first time that human breast milk is being used in commercially sold ice cream!

Founder Matt O’Connor ((The Icecreamists)) is no less then enthusiastic about his “invention”, and he aims to let the world know just how great his Baby Gaga Ice Cream is. In spite of “selling points” such as the source being all natural and free-range, unsurprisingly, not everyone is buying the idea – that includes me!

The ice cream can be bought at 15 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2E 7NG – if you can find some space in your fridge, that is. Here’s a video plugging this exotic concoction.

I may not be able to say no to ice cream generally, but I think I shall pass up on this one.

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