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With all the fashionability of vampires post-Twilight and post-Vampire Diaries, I almost gave Boom’s ‘Dracula – In The Company of Monsters’ a miss. Until of course I noticed it was written by the fabled Kurt Busiek, who rarely disappoints.

So after a mad-dash search through the shelves for the first two issues, I am now eagerly awaiting todays third issue. You know what is so good about this title? There’s a complete absence of fangs in the first issue, simply a good air of mystery and a good serving of moral dilemmas. In the second there are of course fangs in the background, but that’s all, the background. No endless retelling of vampire lore, no soul-wrenching angst, merely the cold hard realities of survival in the corporate world. Corporate you say? Yes, as we have all been told for years, the corporations will indeed be the death of us all, yet Mr Busiek does not even concentrate on that bleak future. No, it’s so much more personal than that.

This is the story of a young man seemingly trapped by his rich upbringing (my heart bleeds) into working for the family firm, one which made much of its corporate fortune by working for the defence industry. To quote the writer, they ‘make the machines that make the machines that kill people’. Evan has been a drifter, never quite failing but with no urge to succeed, however pushed by his hungrier uncle into a web that results in the resurrection of Dracula himself.

Today’s issue will pick up the pace somewhat no doubt, but if you can find all three issues today, then add it to the list. Why, this could almost refresh my faith in the whole vampire franchise!

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