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Record Setting Laser Shoots A Crapload of Balloons While We Look On in Awe


People like balloons. Balloons often symbolize something good like a celebration or festivity of some sort. Balloons make people smile. People also like lasers. Lasers are badass and intimidating, and also make people smile, but much more of an evil grin than a straight up smile. So can you imagine the type and size of smile you will get when you watch a laser pop the MOST BALLOONS EVER?! No, seriously, this is a record breaker you are watching right here. And it is like the Reese’s Cups of internet videos. A little salty and a little sweet. Two great tastes that taste great together.

By the way, did any of you notice the name of the type of laser had “Krypton” in it? Now all of Batman’s weird toys from Dawn of Justice make way more sense. Movie still sucks, though. Just saying.


(Via RecordSetter)

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