Batman: Arkham World?

Rocksteady’s not serious about this. Are they? At the VGAs Saturday night, the Joker (in all his CG glory) appeared to accept his award for Best Character — while holding a script for a third game in the Batman series called Batman: Arkham World. But it was just the developer goofing with us. Probably.

During the Joker’s acceptance speech, he holds up a bundle of pages that are labeled “Batman: Arkham World Script,” but he quickly tosses them away while leaning in to the camera and offering his most devious smile. “Spoilers,” he says.

On the one hand, Rocksteady jumping from Batman: Arkham Asylum to Batman: Arkham City certainly suggests a pattern of moving its roster of criminally insane inmates to larger settings with each game in the series. But while they managed to find a good story reason to move from the first game’s island setting to a city suburb, it seems like a nonsensical idea to move all those criminals to a global setting.

But let’s play Devil’s advocate for a moment… Maybe it’s more of a metaphorical title, and the third game will simply move away from the “contained area” concept altogether. What if a third game in the series were to find the criminals from Arkham escaped and scattered, in hiding in various spots around the world? I could definitely see Rocksteady embracing the notion of sending Batman on a round-the-world tour of tracking down escaped criminals and bringing them back to Arkham. Imagine the Dark Knight fighting his way through ninjas in Japan to get to Ra’s Al Ghul, or tracking Killer Croc through a rainforest in the Amazon. Tantalizing, no?

Of course, this is nonsense. No way would Rocksteady tease any game that’s years away from release with an announcement on an awards show. And if they do a third Batman game, it’s highly unlikely it would be called Arkham World.

Still, it’s hard not to daydream about the possibilities. What would you like to see in a third (and final?) Batman game?

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