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This Batman Costume T-Shirt Is The Apparel You Deserve & Need

Night falls on your city like a black velvet blanket. To many, it’s darkness and fear, but to the criminals and scum of the streets, it’s a green light for their vile deeds. What do say to them then? “I’m Batman,” and you are the night. You may not be what your city needs right now, but you’re the one it deserves– you’ll surely want to dress for the part, right? Do so with the Dawn of Justice Batman Costume T-Shirt.

The Dawn of Justice Batman Costume T-Shirt is a design based on Ben Affleck’s Batman whose most notable appearances are in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. While those films certainly could have been better, Batfleck was one of its best parts. He was brooding, violent, and vengeful; basically Batman but more exposed to the YouTube comment section or the dark crevices of Reddit.

Anyway, if you fancy that shade of Batman and want to channel your inner Batfleck, then the Dawn of Justice Batman Costume T-Shirt is perfect for the job.

The fabric is even made to look like Batfleck’s aramid-weave (or whatever that is) armor and Batsuit. Additionally, the bat logo is the icing on the cake. It takes after Batfleck’s rigid and unyielding Bat logo from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic series. Let’s not forget the utility belt made to look as metallic and sturdy as possible in a 2D plane.

Surprisingly, the whole shirt is made out of 100 percent cotton. As much as we’d love to put as much R&D budget for this awesome apparel, we’re don’t have Bruce Wayne’s budget. Besides, the shirt will only set you back by $17 instead of millions.

The shirt is an official DC merchandise and can ship worldwide. Suit up Caped Crusaders, Gotham’s waiting.

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