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Build your own Batman adventures with these finds

Batman Day is happening on September 19! So don your tux for your celebration and join the fun online.

For 2020, DC Comics has launched a printable activity kit that you can do at home.  You can also join a virtual run. But that won’t be enough, right?

So perhaps after you finish your nth round (you’ll probably lose count anyway) of watching Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy or the Lego Batman Movie, you’d want to create your own adventures. Why not build your own scenes with figures you can play of course!

Here are our picks:

The Batmobile 

The Lego Batman Movie was well received on the big screen. So why now bring the same adventure at home! Being a Lego set, you can also exercise the freedom it brings by tweaking the iconic car to your own liking. Lego is freedom!

RC Lego Batmobile

You know what’s better than a Lego Batmobile? One that you can drive with your phone of course! You can drive this uncommon kit with an app using bluetooth and you can let it do tricks. Good thing it comes with an Batman minifig so can actually have the caped crusader patrol the streets of your mini-Gotham City (which is your living room) looking for possible threats.

The Dark Knight Movie Realization

It’s Christian Bale’s Batman from The Dark Knight, in full articulated glory. Will you put it on top of the fridge to watch over your kitchen? Or maybe you can put him on a train set if you have one at home

Did we say that it also comes with the Bat-Pod?

Ninja Batman

The movie was quite trippy. But you have to agree: Ninja Batman in medieval Japan is a version of the Gotham’s hero that you never thought you wanted until it came out. This samurai-era Batman from Tamashii Nations would definitely fit in a crossover with samurai-reimaginations of Iron Man, Spiderman, and Darth Vader to create an insane four-way fight. But if you want to keep it classic, you can also get time-displaced Joker.

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