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Why Would Batman Keep the Suit His Partner Was Murdered In On Full Display?

I am sorry, but this hasn’t made sense to me since I saw Dawn of Justice, and I was hoping that maybe bringing it up on a geek site might yield me some answers (as some people seem to think I am DC’s KING OF THE HATERS, which is a title I wholly disagree with). I can now understand why the spray painted Robin suit was teased in the trailer (and was, ultimately, spoiled in said trailer) but I thought Dawn of Justice would have expunged upon it, but they did not. So now I have what I think to be a pretty reasonable question, but one that I am sure will get me hung on some social media platform, pariah style, for asking.
Why did Batfleck have the suit his younger sidekick, Jason Todd (aka Robin) was murdered in on full display for himself at all times? I will word it here exactly was I worded the same question on Reddit. (where I got some great answers and got called stupid, which is pretty much an average day on Reddit).
That would be like framing and hanging the breast cancer tumor that killed your Mother. It is morbid, aggressive, and makes little sense to me, which is why I am here posing it as a question. Last time I asked the internetz a question they answered, so I am hoping the same happens here.
The only conclusions I can come to here about the Robin suit is maybe seeing when he failed motivates him to never fail again? Even that still seems like pushing it a little. There is a difference between reminding yourself of your failures and drowning yourself in them.
My only other thought is they knew it would look good in the trailer. Sorry, but this is Hollywood.
Also, if this is dead Jason Todd (which Warner HAS confirmed it is) than why is the suit in such great condition? Jason Todd was beaten to death with a crowbar and then blown up.
Just saying.
(Edit: motivation and a nod to frank Miller’s Dark Knight seem to be the most common answers. What are YOUR thoughts on this?)
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