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BATMAN VS BATMAN Is Batsh*t Insane- Fan Trailer (Ft. Batman, The Joker And More!)

I will be the first one to admit, I was by no stretch a fan of Dawn of Justice. Though the near-the-end scene when Batman beats the sh*t outta all those dudes in the warehouse was a great (albeit stolen from Arkham games) version of the character, the rest of the film wasn’t the best representation of Batman on film, in my personal opinion.

BUT….(and there is always a but)

What if someone decided to make a movie where there was a universe where the Ben Affleck Batman and the Christian Bale Batman (and maybe one other I won’t mention for spoiler sake) all wore the cowl and gave themselves the same name, yet all withheld different standards for how they treated criminals? You would get a with a movie filled with a bunch of badass Batmen fighting each other to see who REALLY gets the wear the cowl.

As lame as that may sound in theory, this ScreenRant created fan trailer you are about to watch poses that exact question and edits together the films in such a way where, well, you kind of just need to see it for yourself. The results are pretty spectacular and the idea of Bale beating up Affleck makes my soul smile wider than any act of violence should.

The above four or so minutes makes me drool. Making me drool over Dawn of Justice footage is something I would not have fathomed possible after sitting through it. Now if only DC had the balls to make this instead of Justice League Dark maybe they would stand a fighting chance, cinematically speaking….

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