Battle City - a Pokémon Inspired Art Show

There’s something about Pokemon that just never fails to cheer people up. No matter what your age may be, the chances are that you have at least one favorite little critter. And, judging by the fan art that we can see all over the Internet, the popularity of Pokemon is not about to wane any time soon.

Especially not of Steve Black Jr. of Milwaukee has anything to do with it. As many great ideas start out, his idea of Battle City, a Pokemon inspired show, was conceived in a bar. A scruffy Mexican bar.

His concept was simple: to launch an art show revolving around the world of Pokemon. Wanting to put the spotlight not on himself, but the Pokemon art community, Steve decided that the show would feature the work of artists from all over. He already successfully held such a show last year, titled “649 Monsters”, but he wants to do another one this year.

Battle City Art

With the help of crowdfunding and Pokemon enthusiasts, he hopes to make Battle City a reality. How different is this from the other show? The theme is the distinctive characteristic: the show will feature artwork portraying imagined Pokemon battle scenes.

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This is where you come in…

Any event needs funding, and Battle City needs $2,500. The good news is that, with 48 days to go, the target has been reached! That does not mean you cannot thrown in your support, though. Whether you give cash or spread the word, you can still help. Visit the Battle City Kickstarter page for more details.

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