Battle Royale: Sony VS Apple (Flash Players) : Round 2

Last Summer I brought out a review for a flash based music player I purchased and still use today. At the time, the only flash player Apple had out was the iPod shuffle and even though Sony’s was around 50$ the increased battery life over the iPod and the screen gave the Shuffle a run for it’s money.

This year, I decided to do a rematch with Sony’s againg flash player and Apple’s latest offering, yes, the Nano.

So, without further a due, ladies and gentlemen… let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuumble!

Me: “Mister Sony NW-E608 how do you feel about taking on what is arguably one of the most popular music players ever?”

Sony NW: “Well Marco, I feel pretty confident, obviously the new kid has a lot of new tricks up his sleeve but I can take a beating and still keep on tickin’, I heard that the new kid could move pretty well but couldn’t take a simple trip around the pockets very well.”

Me: “Well Mister NW, I have to admit that you may have a point there it does get scratched rather easily, but what about it’s more advanced interface and it’s beautiful color screen?”

Sony NW: “As I said before, the new kid has some nice tricks going for him like displaying the album cover, viewing pictures and even serving as a little portable entertainer, we’ll see how things go in the match.”

Me: “Mister Nano, how do you feel tonight before taking on this slightly old but strong player head on?”

Nano: “Well, I can’t say that I’m not a bit nervous on taking on the newest offspring of the family that brought out portable music players. Surely he will be a good opponent, but I have feeling I may yet surprise him.”

Me: “On to the match itself!”

“And in the blue corner, weighing 47 grams and with 84.9 x 28.8 x 13.9 (mm) dimensions the defending flash player that comes straight from the house of Sony which introduced the very first portable music players and brand called Walkman, ladies and gentlemen, the Sony Network Walkman E-608!”

The crowd cheers and pays the defending champ it’s due respect.

Me: “And in the red corner, weighing 42 grams and with 0,9 x 0,4 x 0,069 (mm) dimensions comes one of the best selling devices ever made, a cult in it’s own name Apple’s iPod Nano!”

The crowd goes completely wild, obviously the Nano is the crowd favorite.

Round 1: Design

“Sony NW looks at the crowd and tries to impress them with it’s small “lighter” design but OOOH! The Nano lands in a sucker punch putting the Walkman disorientated, obviously both players are very nice but the Nano has it’s great and simplistic form going for him, the winner of this round the Nano, but the Walkman isn’t too far behind.”

Round 2: Formats

“The Walkman tries to put in some sluggish punches with it’s MP3 compatibility, but when it comes to formats AAC is definitely more popular and the Nano counters with a powerful blow leaving Walkman against the ropes. However, even in it’s lower bit rates the Walkman still delivers a surprisingly great sound so the Walkman pulls away from the ropes and prepares to engage back at the Nano.”

Round 3: Durability

“Even though the Nano hardly had enough time to appreciate his slight advantage the Walkman makes a dash and counters with a powerful liver blow and Nano takes a trip to the floor. In this department the Walkman is much more durable, it’s made out of a strong transparent plastic and resists almost all scratches, after almost a year of always being carried in pockets and falling to the floor 4 or 5 times it still keeps on ticking and looks almost as good as when it came from the store.”

Round 4: Battery Life

“The Nano slowly get’s up, though it’s already disorientated. As soon as the referee gives signal the Sony charges once again and lands in a couple of hooks straight to the Nano’s face. Oooh, it looks ugly in there folks, the fight has just begun and already the Nano is scratched like it was dragged across a wall. The poor Nano didn’t stand a chance with battery life, it’s 14 hour battery life though good seems puny compared to the Walkman’s stunning 50 hour battery life that charges really fast! I’ve heard that 3 minutes of charge is the equivalent to 3 hours of battery life. But don’t worry folks, I don’t think this fight is over yet the Nano still has some spirit in it and I think it still has it’s best to show.”

Round 5: Interface

“While the Sony Walkman raises his arms to the crowd as if he had already won, the Nano pulls itself together and dashes towards the Walkman hitting it with it’s great Click Wheel blow, and another color screen blow, and oh my God folks! The Walkman is against the ropes, I repeat the walkman is against the ropes. He surely wasn’t expecting this but this young kid hit him where it hurts worst, and I’m afraid it’s about to become even more difficult for the veteran.”

Round 6: Software

“The Walkman is still dazed but the Nano is upset and it wants revenge. The Walkman tries to stand straight but his knees are already giving in, and the Nano isn’t backing off, it’s dashing towards him. The Walkman protects it’s face but Nano hits him hard straight in the guts. Sony’s proprietary software and “closed” codec made this an easy round for the Nano. It’s iTunes software is one of the most popular worldwide and transferring musics to any iPod is a breeze. Completely different to what happens with Sony’s software.”

Round 7: Connectivity

“The Nano continues to land lightning fast blows on the Walkman, each one for each iPod accessory tha exists (and trust me, there are a LOT). And the walkman is down! And the counting begins… and… and… *ding ding* iPod Nano is the winner!

The crowd cheers wildly for it’s favorite, but being a good sport that the Nano is it goes and helps the Walkman up and celebrates the victory with him. Obviously the Nano is still very far behind in some aspect compared to the slightly older Walkman, however it has a lot of great and new things going for it. Hopefully both companies can learn from each other and bring out even better devices in the future instead of living on the legend of their brand names: Walkman and iPod.”

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