Be super-enthused with Bill

By Jim

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said that Windows 7 is soon to be released next year.  He was quoted to be super “enthused” about it because this has been such a long wait already.  Well as a user of ALL of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems (20+ years, ouch!), I’ve been re-learning to be super-enthused with Bill everytime.  My body, I think, has grown an extra happy nerve that tickles everytime Microsoft is developing something new.  Why?  Because until now, most of what I do still revolves with the fact that it is based on Bill’s operating systems.

Oh I haven’t made the VISTA jump, yet.  One of my office notebooks has it but because it was really super slow I still rely on my old notebook and good ‘ol Windows XP Professional.

Funny how Bill was asked a question about Vista but his reply is “Sometime next year or so we will have a new version”.  A good side-step to saying “sorry… I tried, but I know it’s not good enough, so please wait, I’m still fixing it!”. :)

So while he’s at the work room cracking his boys to rev up Windwos 7 ASAP, how can we super-enthused with Bill… follow these steps:

5.  Make your homepage
4.  Print out a picture of Bill, post it on the ref to remind you he’s skipping lunch for you
3.  Blog about how really great Windows 7 would be, better than Leopard
2.  7 is a perfect number, so Bill is doing the perfect version this time
1.  Organize a picket line in front of an Apple Store with a sign that says “it’s coming”

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