Bean Bags: A Favourite with Gamers Everywhere

You know how it is, you race home from school, college or work for some well-earned gaming time and just as you relax and get into your gamer’s groove, numbness and discomfort start creeping into your limbs like Bond on a stealth mission. It happens to the best of us.

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But you can quickly boost your gaming performance and skills by getting comfy before you start and the coolest way to do that is with an awesome gaming bean bag.

Gaming Performance

Different games demand different amounts of movement. You might need to lean into corners on a racetrack, get your elbows up for intense action or just kick back through the cut scenes. Whatever your game, the best position to play in is a semi-reclined one, with your weight and your back supported and cushioned.

It’s amazing how much a comfy seat can improve your player performance and for that, you cannot get anything better than a gamer’s bean bag.


Whether you’re tearing up the slopes, cruising round the skatepark or disposing of zombies, you’re not going to get very far if you’re distracted by a numb bum, pins and needles in your knees, a crick in your neck or a stiff back. There’s not much you can do about your adrenalin or the way you tense up when creepy music starts, but a bean bag fixes pretty much everything else.

Bean bags take the whole weight of your body and then mould around it. No more cramp, no more fidgeting, just pure gaming bliss. And because they’re so light, you can put them anywhere you need them, so no more sitting on the floor because your controller cable doesn’t stretch to the couch. Gaming bean bags just let you lay back, get comfy and get on with completing the next level.


Ok, so you’ve just boosted your player life bar and are ready to tackle the next level, but sadly, back in the real world, you don’t find medi-packs or extra lives lying about so you have to pay a little attention to your real-life health points too.

Spending hours hunched over a console can cause a bad posture, headaches, cramp, restricted breathing and the classic dead backside. A bean bag fixes all those problems by supporting your posture and letting you recline and unwind and when you’re relaxed, you can keep a cool head and stay focussed on your mission.


Unlike the cheap beanbags you had as a kid, a gaming beanbag won’t take you hostage when you try and get up to fetch more snacks. Great Bean bags won’t spill their filling, split at the seams or make you look like the guy or girl who never quite grew up.

If you haven’t checked bean bags out in a while, have a look at ranges available online. They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and stylish designs. Some even have speakers built in for the full-on gaming experience, but they all look cool alongside your grown-up stuff for everyday use too.

All you need to do now is decide whether you’re a nice gamer who gets a chair from Great Bean Bags for you and your pals, or a winning gamer who makes friends sit on the floor.

This post was written by the guys at, an online shop for everything bean bags.

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