Beauty and the Geek: Fashion & Beauty Tips and Trends for 2019

Being able to take pleasure in the simple, small things can be really sexy. It’s even more magical when this tendency to find happiness in the little things is what your fashion sense revolves around.

Welcome to the “fashion & beauty” facet of geek culture.

Unconventional fashion can be a delicate thing. It’s just so easy to get a few things wrong from time to time when you choose to stay off the beaten path with the way you dress and carry yourself.    

Not to worry, though. We’ve been keeping an eye out for trends. A lot has evolved over the years and we’ve learned quite a few beauty secrets for those who think geek.

If you want to think geek, stay on trend and beautiful at the same time, we’ve got you some help. Read along to find out how to rock the geek fashion in 2019.

Glasses remain sexy all the way

No geek without glasses. Okay, not really. We’ve rocked looks with contact lenses (or, thanks, LASIK). But you’ve got to admit that there’s something about glasses.

The perfect pair of glasses can drastically change your look for the better. Just remember that the pair of specs need to match your face shape to look great on you.

  • For a round shaped face, consider glasses with strong angular shapes or rectangular frames to help add definition to your face.
  • For a square, your face will appreciate glasses that are softer and rounder <wink>.
  • If your face is a diamond, you can play up with your delicate features with oval-shaped and fun cat-eye glasses.
  • For an oblong face shape, you’ll want to try oversized glasses, particularly the ones that are wider than your face. The idea is to create balance for your face.
  • Rectangular faces, on the other hand, rock the curvy and oval glasses. Ideally, you’re playing against your facial contours.
  • For the heart, look for rimless frames, they’ll look amazing on you. You’re the type that will look gorgeous with thin or clear plastic frames – a perfect geek.

Talking about perfect geek beauty secrets, the best solution we’ve found is to go for black plastic frames more often than not for your glasses. Still, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. 

Subtle is the unspoken rule of the game

We have seen those who think geek without going over the top with their fashion statements to always stand out in an amazing way. In 2019, it’s all about keeping it subtle, rocking without being overly distracting or appearing to overdo anything.

If you’re like me, then you have a couple of beanies in your wardrobe. We love them, but a beanie is not something you want to wear to the office.

So, whether it’s a belt, oversized tee or trousers, you can always slyly incorporate your nerdy sense in the overall look. A geeky belt does the magic for me.

The geek-belt-only mindset may not appeal to everyone. It might be a scarf for you (Is that you, Doctor?), a hat for the nerd next door, and a tee for someone else (Sheldon!). What’s important is to know what works for you while allowing your wardrobe exclamations to remain on the un-obnoxious side.

Keep your confidence game on; it makes you look irresistible

The best outfit will make you look good, the best skincare product will give you a perfect-looking face, but here’s the greatest of all beauty secrets: wear your confidence more than any cloth in your closet if you want to look truly great in any getup.  

Geek is not the most conventional lifestyle. You’ve got to stay true to you – that’s the first thing to becoming a good-looking geek.

You’ll frequently dress the odds. But, isn’t that what true sense of fashion is all about? Who said you have to look like everyone else to look beautiful? The matter of fact is, if you want to stand out, you’ll want to try something different. And provided that you do it right, you’ll look amazing if you accompany it with confidence.

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