Beauty Gadgets: Are They Worth It?

Watching TV is not my cup of tea. Sure, I turn it on for background noise, and occasionally, I actually watch what’s on. More often than not, I find myself watching one of those extremely long infomercials. Before long, I would be wondering if I should get what they’re selling or not. Of course, after a while, I crash back to reality and tell myself they don’t work.

Some of the most popular kinds of gadgets I saw on TV last year had something to do with beauty and fashion. Girls, listen up. According to the New York Times, handheld aesthetic devices were some of the hottest selling items in 2009. These ranged from acne treatments to teeth-whitening toothbrushes to hair removal kits. Needless to say, they come at a high price. The question is: Do they actually work?

As with many things out there, different people have different opinions. Some industry experts say that to a certain degree, these handheld devices actually help consumers. On the other hand, there are those who say that “the science behind them is spotty” at best. The article quoted Dr. Robert Weiss, past president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery:

“We tested photodynamic therapy on acne patients that was a hundred times stronger than what you’d find in a home-use device, and only 40 percent of those patients responded. From that clinical experience, I’m very skeptical about what these devices can do. The technology is possible, but not probable.”

Bottom line? You gotta decide for yourself. Me, I already have enough issues to worry about. As much as I love toys, I can’t take the risk of using these devices (not to mention the money involved). I’d much rather go to the doc. Yeah, where’d my adventurous spirit go?

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