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What is an MMO?

Let’s start with the basics, here. An MMO, or massively multiplayer online game, is a title that’s played via the internet with multiple players accessing content at any one time. Simple, right? Enabling players to adopt the guise of any number of otherworldly characters, MMOs tend to be strategy-based, though encompass just about every genre that you could think of.

Why are MMOs so appealing?

According to recently collected data, the MMO and gaming market was worth $26.7 billion in 2016, a figure that’s no doubt set to rise this year, and each year thereafter. Online gaming is big business, and it’s getting bigger every day. It’s little wonder; MMOs offer whole worlds to explore, and a form of escapism that you simply cannot find anywhere else. What’s more, you’ll meet thousands if not millions of likeminded players at any one time, and be able to share the joy, sorrow, adventure, and frustration with people who understand what you’re going through. Online gaming is a great way to socialize and to make friends. The stereotypical gamer is no longer alone with their thoughts.

What should I be playing?

There have been some truly incredible MMO games released over the years, including World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Elder Scrolls Online, and Guild Wars 2. What you play is, of course, up to you and the kinds of genres that you’re passionate about. We can recommend Black Desert Online, Final Fantasy XIV, and good old EverQuest.

Before we turn the gameplay over to you, here are some simple tips for making the most of your game time.

Choose your game

If you’re going to dive into the world of MMO, it’s important to choose a genre that interests you, rather than settling for the game getting the best reviews – though it’s wise to also take those into consideration. Do your research; what kind of gameplay is involved with this particular title? Are there any restrictions? What kind of in-game opportunities are there? While it’s possible to choose another game if you’re not enamored, you won’t want to waste precious gaming hours in the first place.

Read the tutorial

We all like to live dangerously from time to time, but now is not that occasion. If you really want to succeed in your chosen world, it’s important that you take the time to read the game’s tutorial, familiarizing yourself with practice areas, new player restrictions, and any information that’s likely to help you on your quest. Well, you wouldn’t set out on a big adventure without at least glancing at your map, would you? Each time your player learns a new skill, be sure to try it out before plunging headfirst into a battle.

Say, “Hello!”

You don’t begin playing an MMO in order to isolate yourself in one corner of an imaginary world, never to be seen again. Indeed, the whole point of MMOs is that there are scores of other players willing and able to interact with your avatar at every turn. The MMO community is a predominantly welcoming one, and will offer support and friendly criticisms as and when required. Encourage those blossoming friendships, and be prepared to offer your own advice in return; you’re about to meet your next quest buddies.

Have fun!

Gaming is a changeable beast, and it would be very easy to become bogged down by the ins and outs of MMOs, and the politics of gameplay. However, didn’t you start gaming to have fun? Okay, so your inability to complete a particular quest might be frustrating you, and yes, other players will probably annoy you from time to time, but gaming is supposed to be enjoyable. If you’re frequently aggrieved by your online pastimes, it might be time to move on to something different. Just don’t allow little niggles to consume your passion.

That was our brief guide to the world of massively multiplayer online gaming, and how to make the most of it. The internet is a real treasure trove for gaming geeks, occupied with valuable nuggets of information, friendly communities, and hints and tricks that will help you to truly succeed at your chosen platform game. Be sure to take a good look around; this medium was made for you, after all.

Regulate your gameplay

If you’ve ever spent more than a couple of hours playing an MMO before, you’ll know how utterly engaging the gameplay can be. However, if you’re finding that your gaming habits are colliding with real life and leaving you all the more the irritable for it, you might just have an issue. Strongly associated with anxiety and depression, gaming addiction is something of a blight on our nerd society, but there are avenues of support out there.

There are rehabilitation facilities which are well equipped to offer support for gamers who have begun to feel the effects of addiction. Newport Academy is one example of an organization which helps teenagers overcome the depression and anxiety associated with it.

If you find yourself being drawn into an addiction to MMO games, remove yourself from the game and take the time to seek help.

Social media sites can be a good source of information where you can find help from support groups and rehabilitation facilities. For example, Newport Academy’s Twitter posts positive articles to tackle the mental health issues associated with addiction, and their Vimeo profile has inspiring videos of individuals’ journeys.

If your new to MMO then you’re in for a ride which is easy to get caught up. Make sure you take the time step back from the excitement and remember that this is all for fun.

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