There’s a whole day dedicated to emojis – and quite understandably so. Today, practically everyone who has a smartphone knows and even abuses the emoji keyboard. There’s just something about them that makes your messages to people more interesting, you know?

Sometimes, you don’t even need actual words. With just a few emojis, you can already communicate with people. Over the years, however, emoji etiquette has changed. There are emojis that have come out on top of the social media spectrum, while there are those that are just plain weird and unusable. So check out the list below as a guide on the best and worst emojis!

Best: Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy

According to Adobe’s 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report, the tears of joy emoji is the most used emoji of 2021. It literally means someone is laughing so hard that tears are streaming down their face. It can be used for almost any situation because it’s so relatable. Whether you’re laughing, teasing, or joking, this emoji is most likely on your top emojis.

Worst: Eggplant


You either use this emoji because you love eggplants (the vegetable), or you’re really just using it to represent a penis. Most likely, it’s the latter. It can be used to joke around with friends or even share naughty jokes with a partner. However, using this is a big no-no, especially when used to creep on people.

Best: Red Heart


The red heart emoji is also pretty commonly used. It shows love, affection, romance, and positive intentions. In some cases, people like to be a bit different and use other colored hearts. So spread the love with this emoji!

Worst: Clown


Honestly, the clown emoji scares the bejesus out of me! Clowns are supposed to be funny and entertaining, right? But this one just stares at you with its wide *psycho-killer* eyes, as if it’s going to come for you later tonight. It’s as if they thought it would be a great idea to turn Pennywise into an emoji.

Best: Flex


This represents strength and power in all forms! Whether you want to flex an actual arm flex after a workout or share an achievement made at work or school, this emoji is all about being proud of yourself.

Worst: Syringe With Blood


There’s a reason why this got replaced by the Covid-19 vaccine emoji this year. In my opinion, the syringe with the blood emoji was definitely too gory to ever be used in casual conversations. You might use it if you were a doctor or a med student, but other than that, it seems pretty unnecessary.

Best: Raised Hands

Hand Raise

This emoji consists of both hands raised with lines above them implying motion. It’s often used in a celebratory way, expressing joy or pride. I, on the other hand, use it as a high five emoji. So I guess, it’s versatile in that way. If it were a word, it would definitely be “YAAAS!”.

Worst: Knife


This emoji is literally a kitchen knife that is supposed to be used for cooking references. It can also be used to refer to horror or slasher films. However, in some cases, it can also be used to threaten someone which is why this emoji is one of the worst.

Best: 100


The 100 emoji means a perfect score or 100%. These days, it is used to express achievement, support, approval, and motivation.

Worst: Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

There’s nothing really wrong with this emoji, except when it’s used as a conversation ender. Let’s face it. It’s pretty boring to just reply with a thumbs up, right?

Best: Rainbow Flag


In support of the LGBT community, this adorable rainbow flag emoji was released!

Worst: Oni


In Japanese folklore, this red-faced ogre with horns, wide eyes, and a large nose is a proud trickster. It may denote anger, evil, cruelty, or even sexual suggestion. For non-Japanese users out there, this emoji seems too out there to work him into casual conversation.

Best: Upside Down Smile

Upside Down Smile

This one’s pretty self-explanatory whenever used in conversations among friends. It has several meanings depending on how it’s used, but it often expresses silliness, sarcasm, passive aggression, or frustrated resignation. It’s like you’re smiling on the outside, but dying on the inside kind of emoji, and it’s so fun to use!

Worst: ABCD


Known as one of the least popular emojis on Twitter, the ABCD or input symbol for Latin capital letters emoji is one of the most irrelevant emojis today for sure. It may be used to refer to school or learning, but there are so many other more interesting emojis out there that denote the same thing. Don’t you think?

Best: Fire


This versatile emoji is used to express that something is cool, exciting, awesome, attractive, or hot (literally and figuratively).

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