Batman is the best superhero ever. Said every Batman fanatic admirer out there.

While the argument as to who the ultimate superhero is will never end, one has to admit that Batman has an edge over many of his counterparts. And that’s not only because of his abilities. He does look good even with that cape, which we know is the downfall of every superhero.

It’s thus no surprise that many an artist has tried his (or her) hand at creating his own rendition of the Caped Crusader. I wasted a lot of time pleasantly did my job, and scoured the Internet for some of the best Batman fan art to be found. I have no doubt that I have barely scratched the surface, but these are some of the best Batman fan art I discovered. Let me know in the comments if you have your own pieces that we may be able to add to this collection.

Batman and co in black and white

best batman fan art

Rise by Andy Fairhurst

best batman fan art

Batman on a Perch by jebedai

best batman fan art

Batman Sketch

best batman fan art
I particularly like this piece of Batman fan art by Carlos Cabrera, maybe because of the subtle shades and the (more than a) hint of a beard.

Solemn Knight

Solem Knight is the perfect name for this piece of fan art by Mauricio Abril, who also includes a story snippet with the image. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Batman with Shiny Batarang

Artist KrisJustice says this sketch is “hand pencilled and inked then added some tone, slight color and texture in photoshop”. He also used himself as reference. Of course.

Japanese Batman

best batman fan art
Because Batman is a world citizen. Well, maybe not, but he does transcend geographical boundaries. (Source)

Batman Graffiti

Batman Graffitti
We featured this some time back, but didn’t highlight the awesome drawing of Batman himself. Apparently found in an abandoned hospital in Belgium. Doesn’t that just give you the heebie-jeebies?

Batman Akumu Ink Style

best batman fan art
While we’re at it, let’s go even weirder. Akumu Ink Clothing created their own Batman fan art, based on Batman Returns. What do you think of it?

Michael Keaton Batman

This is the same Batman as above, but rendered by a different artist, and we know how that goes…
I have to say that the arist went the more traditional route as compared to the previous one, although the lips don’t seem all that accurate. Still, those piercing eyes…

Batman Ink on Paper

Batman Lines
By Marc Noble; I love the lines in this illustration.

Batman on Rooftop

Arguably where he belongs.

Is your Batman fan art meter overflowing now? I know I am going to look at these best Batman fan art pieces again and again – although I’ve taken so many looks by now.

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