Best Chadwick Boseman Movies to Watch

Earlier this week, we lost one of the greatest actors of our generation. Chadwick Boseman, famous for the role of Black Panther, passed away last August 28. In an announcement made by his family on Twitter, it was revealed that he had been battling colon cancer for the past four years. The news greatly shocked not only his fans, but others as well. However, there was also admiration coming from the public as they realized that despite being ill, he didn’t abandon his projects and executed his roles perfectly. As a tribute to his overwhelming talent and passion, we’ve listed down the best Chadwick Boseman movies to watch.

Black Panther (2018)


Black Panther is probably one of the most memorable movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for various reasons. This film was a gamechanger for the Black community, especially those in the entertainment industry – and Boseman’s T’Challa was the iconic leader of the film. This is also the film that turned him a superhero not only in reel, but also in real life.

If you don’t follow MCU, Black Panther follows the story of T’Challa, the son of the king of Wakanda. He returns to his home to inherit the throne after his father dies. After becoming king, he soon faces an old enemy that threatens not only the safety of his family, but as well as the people living in Wakanda. Black Panther takes place after Captain America: Civil War.

42 (2013)


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If we were to identify Boseman’s breakout movie, people will tell you it’s 42; the biopic of the American pro-baseball player, Jackie Robinson. While he starred in a few films and shows, they say that it is this film that set him up for success in the industry.

As mentioned before, 42 tells the life story of Jackie Robinson. It also portrays the struggle for recognition; and against discrimination as the first Black man to play in Major League Baseball. Boseman excellently acts out Robinson’s character; and thinking about it now, 42 becoming his break was telling of his future in film: portraying legendary Black men in history – and becoming one himself.

Da 5 Bloods (2020)


Da 5 Bloods, released on Netflix earlier this year, turns out to be one of Boseman’s last films. While Boseman only played a supporting character in this film, it still remains to be on the list of Chadwick Boseman movies to watch The film itself is described by the critics of Rotten Tomatoes as, “Fierce energy and ambition course through Da 5 Bloods, coming together to fuel one of Spike Lee’s most urgent and impactful films.”

Da 5 Bloods is a war drama film that focuses on five war veterans who return to Vietnam. They return to search for a treasure they buried decades ago; as well as the remains of their former squad leader – played by Chadwick Boseman. It is a powerful and moving film that recalls the tragedies of the past.

On another note, Spike Lee, the director, recalls working with Boseman in this film, “We filmed Da 5 Bloods in Thailand, and it was hot, jungles, mountains, and Chadwick was there with us all the way. I never, ever suspected that anything was wrong. No one knew he was going through treatment, chemotherapy.”

Get On Up (2014)


Get On Up is another biopic film where Boseman portrays the singer, Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Boseman may not resemble Brown, but he definitely embodied the singer – making the audience believe that they were really seeing Brown in person.

Rather than focusing on a chronological storytelling, Get On Up focuses more on Brown’s impact. The film gives the audience a glimpse to what Brown went through in his childhood up until how he became such an influential figure in the music scene; and Boseman effectively acts out Brown’s story. There were reports that Boseman stayed in character throughout the filming for the movie, which really made his James Brown portrayal stand out. Moreover, this is also another testament of how passionate and talented of an actor Boseman was.

Marshall (2017)


It seems like biopics are a thing in Chadwick Boseman movies. Marshall is another biographical film where he portrays Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights lawyer. Marshall is also the first Black Supreme Court Justice back in 1967.

When we mention biopics, it usually means that it tells the story of the person from start to end. However, for Marshall, the story focuses on one event of the lawyer’s life – the case of the State of Connecticut v. Joseph Spell. The case was an inspiring event during that time because of the circumstances. The case was when Marshall was defending a black man who was accused of raping his white employer. However, due to a segregationist court, Marshall wasn’t allowed to speak. This led him to partner with a Jewish lawyer, Samuel Friedman, who he coaches throughout the whole trial.

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