Cosplay has long been a part of the culture of fandoms. While the practice is much more widely practiced (and take dressing up seriously) in anime and video games, you’ll see some who cosplay movies and TV shows that have fandoms. And within these fandoms, there are popular cosplayers who even have fan following themselves. If you’re an aspiring cosplayer, or interested in getting into cosplay culture, or even just a general fan – here is our list of who we think are the best cosplayers to follow on social media.

What’s amazing about cosplayers is that most of the time, they create their own costumes. A lot of cosplayers we’ve listed are ones who started off doing it as something they love and eventually, became professionals. They’re a great source of inspiration, especially if you just recently started to get into cosplaying. These cosplayers a great resources as well. A lot of them have tutorials on how they get dressed up and how they make their costumes. They also sometimes answer questions from aspiring cosplayers or curious individuals.



Alyson Tabbitha

Stella Chuu

Yaya Han

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Katie George

Xenia Shelkovskaya

It’s Loki

Kiera Please

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