Halloween is months away, but if you are hell bent on winning this year’s costume contest, you had better start working on your look NOW. With all the sci-fi, fantasy, games, etc. themes, you really have so much to choose from. The key in winning is to get ahead of the competition and to blow the judges away with details.

If you are serious about costumes (how can one not be serious about them?), I suggest you pay Looptid Leather’s Etsy shop a visit. On sale right now is a Big Sister Costume from the game Bioshock 2. ((Looptid Leather)) One look at this costume, and you’ll know it is not for the faint of heart.
Big Sister Full Costume
I don’t play Bioshock – 1 or 2 – so I probably do not fully appreciate just how awesome this custom-made costume is, but judging from the creator’s description, this is no small feat. And one can’t really deny the attention to detail in making this costume! Take a look at all the pieces that make it up.
Big Sister Costume Pieces
Here’s an itemized list of those pieces:

  • 1x Big Sister Helmet
  • 1x Big Sister Chest piece
  • 1x Big Sister “air tank” (non functional)
  • 1x Leather corset/shirt
  • 1x leather pants (upper and lower sections)
  • 1x pair of leather boot spats (wear over your shoes and they appear as boots)
  • 1x pair elbow pieces
  • 1x pair wrist leather sections
  • 1x pair gloves (only cover top of hand so one size fits all)
  • 1x pair leg braces
  • 1x large spike/needle attachment
  • 1x small spike/harpoon wrist attachment

So what will it cost you to get your hands on the costume? A whopping $600! And one more thing, the costumer was made to fit someone who is 5 feet 11 inches with a 32-inch waist. The costume was supposed to be created to be adjustable to fit any body size, although I am not sure how it will go if you’re female and well-endowed…

Any takers? If you don’t do Halloween, you now have an excuse to throw a costume party – just because you can.

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