Top 10 Deadpool Merchandise

It’s been several months since Deadpool hit the theaters and irredeemably managed to charm us all. We can all agree that it was pretty amazing, right? Of course. When a movie manages to top several huge Marvel, DC, and Fox releases despite its status as an R-rated movie, it’s safe to say it’s a success worth noting in history books. Nonetheless, the merc with the mouth is quite the character and he’s been around the block for several decades. But now that he starred in his own movie, doors opened for new fans and for an extended audience.

People who’ve never heard of Deadpool now love Deadpool. And when we are completely crazy over something, what do we do? That’s right, we try to decorate ourselves and our surroundings with merchandise. Whether you’re a newcomer or you’re just had the flame reignited and want to proclaim, once more, your love for Marvel’s greatest anti-hero, here are the pieces of merch that you should acquire.

Top 10 Deadpool Merchandise

#1 Deadpool Beanie


It’s summer right now, but a sacrifice might be worth making if it meant you could show off this cool-looking beanie. There aren’t many people who choose to flaunt their love for a particular something by wearing it on your head, so you will definitely stand out. It will also keep you warm, so ka-ching!

#2 Deadpool Tacos T-Shirt


What was it that we love about Deadpool so much, again? Not just his sense of humor, but the fact that he doesn’t exactly take himself seriously. Join the club and let everyone know that you’re a Wade Wilson supporter by sporting a tee that might sound ridiculous in theory, but it just fits the theme of Deadpool so well.

#3 Pop! Maskless Deadpool


If you’re up to date with the whereabouts of the collectible industry then you’re probably aware that Funko has been the leading force in this world for a while now. Of course there’s a classic all-suit variant available, but this cute little Pop! collectible actually manages to make Wade Wilson’s otherwise terrible facial scars look adorable.

#4 Deadpool Bathrobe


Ah, yes. Nothing compares to exiting the shower and walking out of the bathroom looking like you’re ready to kick some butt. No, really, that’s the whole purpose. If anyone dares to say that it’s cute, retaliate by telling them you’re the shadows of the night.

#5 Deadpool Belt Buckle


This list isn’t actually in any particular order, simply because it’s tough to choose, but this piece of merch might just be the closest you’ll get to an authentic, properly cool-looking thing. You get to actually wear the same belt buckle as your (anti) hero!

#6 Gentle Giant Deadpool on Vespa Statue


A tiny character statue is one thing, but a statue that does more than simply stand up or pose is a completely different deal. This merchandise reflects the very core of what makes Deadpool himself (aside from the humor and the density of profanities) and puts him right in the middle of an action moment. It definitely helps that it seems to have been crafted with so much mastery!

#7 Deadpool Pencil Desk Accessory


This is one of those things that might be difficult to explain to your parents if they saw it, but it would be totally worth it because it’s so awesome looking. You can now deposit your pencils straight in Deadpool’s head, so we don’t even mind that the storing accessory doesn’t seem to come in the traditional red color scheme (the one in the photo, at least).

#8 Deadpool Lego Mini Figure


Remember what we said earlier about figurines and statues not being that interesting when all they do is just stand here? This completely changes if the figurine in talk is made entirely out of Legos.

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Why, you ask? First of all, it’s Legos. Everything constructed with them is incredibly awesome looking and there’s also the bonus of the fact that people worked to actually make it to look like that. Secondly, it’s essentially unbreakable. Not because Legos would much rather break your leg if you step on them, but because you can just piece the figurine together if it falls apart.

#9 Deadpool Sublimated Costume T-Shirt


This is the closest you can get to wearing Deadpool’s iconic suit without actually slipping into one. While you can definitely get that if you really want one, it’s much more justifiable to stroll around in the streets on your way to work or school without being stuffed in a full-body suit. This T-shirt is an amazing visual trip which manages to faithfully reproduce the torso of everyone’s favorite anti-hero with high-quality materials and impressive accuracy.

#10 Marvel Universe SDCC Exclusive: Deadpool Corps


Last but not least, what’s better than a Deadpool? More Deadpools, of course! Marvel really wanted to emphasize the love that Wade Wilson bares for Mexican cuisine. As a result, this incredible collection that features figurines of Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Dogpool, Kidpool, Squirrelpool, and Champion of the Universe comes with each piece wrapped in a tortilla. Moreover, the box they’re placed in is also decorated with Mexican food motifs.

This post was written Mike Jones, a Boston University graduate, with an MS in Mass Communication. He is a full-time writer, passionate about entertainment and technology. He is one of the editors of TheNextDigit.

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