There is no denying that we are living in a day and age whereby it is cool to let our inner geek shine brightly. This is something that you can easily see with the huge selection of gadgets and geek gifts that are on the market today. In a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating one of the funnest holidays of the year, and you’re likely to have gift list to complete.

So, if you are looking for some great geek cards and geek gifts for Christmas, here are some ideas…

Let’s start with cards

Before you can purchase a gift for your friend or family member, you need to purchase a card. Take a look at this IT Service Desk card as a great example. It has an image of a wheel with different IT service desk answers. Not only does it have the geek element but it’s funny too! There are lots of cards based on science, space, video games, and other geeky topics. Look at this Christmas Chemistry card, which is based on the periodic table.

What to get someone who likes computers?

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves computers, you are not going to be short of options. There are fun options, as well as there being practical gifts too, so it all depends on the avenue you wish to go down. Some of the more practical gifts include portable chargers, laptop stands, wireless flash drives, and a PC toolkit. If you are really looking to splash the cash on someone special, you may want to consider something along the lines of an Amazon Echo or an Android TV Box. For something a bit more fun, you can opt for USBs in a fun design, for example. This is still practical yet it has a fun element too. Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys gaming on their computer regularly.

What do you buy a nerd?

This can be a difficult question to answer if you are not a nerd yourself. However, there is no need to fret, as we have some great suggestions for you. You can purchase something based on the person’s favourite games that they like to play online. Or, why not opt for a smart gift for the home, such as a learning thermostat? You can purchase general presents with a geeky design, for example, lightsaber battles, the ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker. Or, you can go for something useful that is going to help them with their work and hobbies, such as the Heng Ellipse Magnetic Mid-air USB Powered LED Lamp. The options are well and truly endless. If you do not feel comfortable going for something that can be used in an IT or science setting, go for something fun with this simply as the theme.

What should I get my nerdy SO for Holidays?

Is it even possible to showcase your love while also buying a nerdy gift for the one you love? Of course! If you are looking to buy something really special, you should definitely take a look at the different controlled robots that are available for sale. If you’re both a bit on the geeky side, why not purchase matching Jedi dressing gowns? Or, if you would like your partner to cook for you more, why not go for the Geeky Chef cookbook?

Fun and affordable gadgets and Christmas gifts

We all know how much geeks love their gadgets! There are lots of fun and affordable options, which have a tongue-in-cheek feel to them. Is your partner always losing their house keys? They won’t have this problem again with the Whistle Key Finder. If the person you’re buying for plays the guitar, they will love the Plectrum Punching Machine. Any budding rockstar can personalise their plectrums with this fun gadget. Or if your friend or loved one is less of a superstar, but more of a sing-in-the-shower type of guy, take a look at the Waterproof Shower Radio. This is a really cool gift, and we’re sure you’ll get some use out of it too!

Holiday gifts for geeks in the workplace

There are also lots of great Christmas gifts for geeks that are designed for use in the workplace. This includes personalized mugs, floppy disk coasters, and other gifts like this that are based on IT and science. These gifts are great because they do not cost a lot yet you can be sure that the recipient will get a lot of use out of them.

All in all, there is no denying that we are all feeling a lot more comfortable about letting our inner geek shine these days! If you know someone who has a geeky side (of course you do!), make sure you buy them a gift that falls in line with this at Christmas. We hope you will have found something that appeals to you out of all of the different options that have been mentioned above.

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