Ah, geek love. There is something extra special about two geeks finding each other and falling madly in love. It is like some “meant to be” shit, and just the kinda shit people LOVE talking about around Valentine’s Day. But there is so much geek love between comics and games and books and movies we knew we should probably stick to one medium, so for this particular list we are going with the best geek romances from film over the years. TV geek romances and video game romances definitely deserve their own list, but this felt like a nice way to start.

Presenting, for your approval, the best geek romances from cinema, presented in no particular order. Keep in mind, what is great here is some of these are comic movies so it is best of both worlds. Oh, and please don’t hate me for who I open the list with. I really liked them even if most did not.

I am speaking of….

The Best Geek Romances from Movies

The Joker and Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad


I don’t care if people didn’t like Leto’s Joker (I did, he burst with psychosexual energy which is new to the character and worked really well IMHO) and I don’t care that he warped her brain to make her love him. We are talking fictional geek romances from film and the way Joker and Harley were represented in the underwhelming Suicide Squad was easily the best thing in the movie.

She was lovesick for him and he was, well, tolerant of her, until he lost her and realized oh no, this is a team. No one fucks with my love.

Now THAT is geek love. Two weirdoes cosplaying for LIFE!

Juno and Paulie: Juno

Yup, the two nerdy high school kids who fooled around and made a baby made the list. Why? Because think of how those two characters are during the movie Juno. Cera is a nerd, through and through, always in his running shorts. Juno herself is a socially ostracized Daria clone who is a bit too wise for her age. A.K.A they are both dorks. So the fact that the whole movie makes the love (and even baby) seem an impossible feat, they pull it off in the end and get a little sigh of:


from us. Hell, I am so jaded I am literally green and I thought the love story in Juno was geek love epitomized.

Ron and Hermione: Harry Potter Franchise

Now I have NO IDEA why Potter didn’t love her madly and deeply, but he didn’t, and in the end, it was Ron and Hymen who ended up being in love and having a cute little family. Now granted, it felt forced and we saw so little of it in the actual movie that including them here feels a little weak, but there was a genuine innocence to the slow realization they truly loved each other across those movies that was adorable to watch.

But come on, we all know Ron would not have stood a chance in Hell with that girl were they not forced together by circumstance. Sorry Ron, someone had to tell you. Still damn cute, though.

Now for a nerd romance that is a little more adult…..

Deadpool and Vanessa: Deadpool


Say what you want about her being a (literal) whore for a living. Get past his superhero who “looks like my testicles” and what you have is a geek romance for the ages. They fall in love despite each other’s flaws and that love stays unbroken even after a slew of fucked up shit happens to them both.

Plus, there was a genuine cuteness to Deadpool’s love for her in the movie, and you could feel that. She was the one thing that made the world okay to him and the same could be said for her. Sick and twisted but one of the best nerd loves from film lately, period.

Seymour and Audrey: Little Shop of Horrors

Yup, I want to end the list with not only a musical, but a musical about a killer plant that feeds on blood. The couple I speak of are the two leads, Seymour and Audrey who work at the flower shop. First of all, Seymour is LITERALLY the 80’s epitome of what a geek is. Bad hair and very submissive and glasses. All the tropes we have grown to kinda hate but relate to. And he is played by Rick Moranis so that beats all, period. Best nerd portrayer of ALL TIME besides Jerry Lewis.

In Little Shop, he loves her madly but she is torn between him and another life. But giant, soul music singing, killer, human eating plants have an odd way of bringing geeks together.

Now if we were doing TV, this list would be ending on an oddly similar note:


So what is YOUR favorite geek romance from movies? Princess Bride? Half the cast of The Goonies? E.T and Elliot? Take to our comments and let us know!

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