Drinking games are an inherent part of college life, but who’s to say that grown ups can’t take part of the fun? New Year’s Eve is coming up, so the popularity of drinking games is at its highest; but why don’t we up the notch a bit with some of the best geeky drinking games out there?

Trust me, you’ll have the party of your life. Unless you get smashed and sick up early in the evening.

Quidditch Beer Pong

best geeky drinking games
Everyone knows beer pong, but why go the old, albeit not-so-boring, way when you can have more fun with Quidditch Beer Pong? Potterheads, it’s time to show off your skills – and alcohol tolerance.

You’ll need the following:

  • 10 cups (+2 more for water cups)
  • 1 ping pong baller per 2 players
  • 1 (optional) Snitch Pong Ball w/ wings attached
  • Having both beer & liquor on deck is recommended

Set things up:

Start setting up on a regular beer pong table, but instead use a 10 cup rack on each side. If you want to use the optional final-cup rule where only the Snitch can be used, then glue wings onto one of your ping pong balls and color it gold. Next, make the three Quidditch Pong goals to shoot through, as seen in the picture above. Last, fill the 10-rack up with beer and fill up the water cup. Last, bust out your sorting hat to decide which team shoots first.

The rules:

The Quidditch Pong Drinking Game rules are about as good as it gets when it comes to creativity. The overall goal is to be the first side to reach 100 total points and win the game.

The rules get more complicated, however, so head over to Drinking Game Zone and print out all the details. You’ll need it when contentions come up as you get further in the game.

Wizard’s Staff

While we’re talking about wizards, here’s another drinking game that will put you to the test. Wizard’s Staff is all about drinking cans of beer, taping each empty can end on end (with duct tape, of course). Each can represents one level, so if you have 3 cans, you’re a level 3 wizard.

Every x number of levels, there is a Boss Battle. This means taking a shot. This is where your creativity comes into play. For example, the Boss at level 3 can be “Goldschlager Dragon”. Obviously, it’s best to prepare everything beforehand, naming conventions included.

Level 10 is the goal, when you are faced with the ultimate challenge, so you can level up from mage to a full wizard.

You can also create your own variations to suit your imagination and the group’s preferences.

Needless to say, prepare not to go home if you play Wizard’s Staff.

Geeky Party Drinks

Beer Chess

best geeky drinking games

The name of the game is pretty self-explanatory: you play chess using beer as the pieces. Then you take a sip as each piece is moved. As The Webtender says:

Beer chess is the unification of the intellect with the inebriated. Beer chess is stimulating brain cells as you kill them. Beer chess was created during a weekend retreat at the McEnaney Estate in Jackman, Maine, thus making Jackman, Maine the Beer Chess capital of the universe.

Couldn’t have said it better than that. You can find instructions here. Again, you can change some details as you wish.

P.S. You do know how to play chess, don’t you?

Tipsy Tetris

Play Tetris (multiplayer) and get drunk while you’re at it.

The rules:

  • Drink when someone’s item affects you
  • Waterfall during the stopwatch
  • Drink 5 for squishing the tiny climbing man
  • Drink 4 when someone else gets a tetris
  • Drink according to your final placement
  • Consecutive wins take a vodka shot

Mario Kart Drunk Driving

Here’s another drinking game for gamers – as if Mario Kart weren’t fun enough on its own!

Learn how to play it by watching the video below. Just remember, it’s a freaking GAME, so don’t do it in real life!

That should be enough drinking games for now, yeah? Stay tuned for further updates in the future, but always keep in mind – either have a designated driver, or don’t go home at all.

Happy New Year!

If you don’t drink, play board games instead:

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