I have been playing Happy Wheels for some time and have become quite addicted to the game (playable on the Poki platform. There are a large number of levels that have the ability to really challenge a player, and seeing as though they were created by other users, it gives you the chance to look into other’s minds. There are a larger number of levels than what you might have been expecting. Some of these are awesome and will have a variety of elements that will challenge even the most seasoned of players. I was soon greeted with challenges that I did not think existed.

One of the toughest of these levels was The Combine. What makes this level so much of a challenge is the fact that you have just a couple of seconds to get going before the large combine comes ready to turn you into fertilizer for the upcoming season – ouch! I have found this one level to be the most addictive yet and keep going at it time and time again.
Interestingly, if you have a sense of adventure, then you will likely want to try out the level editor from where you will have access to many tools of which can be used to create a level. What’s more, you don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of this nifty element to the game – it is easy to grasp. I have created a number of levels that are sure to challenge a person’s very sense of sanity , as it will drive them mad trying to get past the level. The goal is not style, but more survive and complete the level within the fastest time. If you have a particular run that you are excited about, then you can save a replay and upload it for other players to watch and marvel in your awesomeness.

These levels are not hard to the point that no one can complete them, they are just complex in the manner that you will need to gather skill, combined with luck on your side, in order to accomplish victory. One last thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can also search for a certain level. For example, if you are a fan of Spiderman, then you can take comfort in knowing that users have created their own levels based on the popular superhero. No matter what type of experience you have had in the past with these types of games, you will find yourself addicted to Happy Wheels. Of course, you can also download the iOS version for your mobile device; that way you can maul your favorite characters while on the go.

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