The Ones That Don't Suck: 6 Best Movie Remakes

Last week I talked about some of the worst movie remakes and reboots. I tied them to my truck and drove them through the streets slowly so that people could throw tomatoes at them. This week, I thought, why not be nice and share some of the best movie remakes and reboots, so people know we see more than just the negative. As truthful as it is to say that MOST remakes suck ass cheeks and should never have been made, there are some that not only do justice to the originals, but in some ways, even surpass them. Though it is super rare, it is known to happen and now and again.

Here are six movie remakes that are actually pretty badass. Sorry that most of them ended up being horror, but as much as the horror remakes are usually the worst, some of the horror remakes are also some of the best out there. Ironic, I know.

The Thing


No, no, not the post 2000’s remake. That was shit. I am talking about John Carpenter’s The Thing is actually a remake of an old, shitty black and white movie. Well, it wasn’t really shitty for the time, but if you watched it now you would know. But John Carpenter’s the Thing was an absolute terror to witness. Gory and insane, with the added sense of fear that anyone you know could have it at any time just made it even scarier.

Plus it has one of the BEST scenes in any horror movie ever, as seen in the clip above.

King Kong


While it has been said that the original King Kong was well ahead of its time, the remake brought it to a whole new generation, with some of the best CG to date so far in that time. And people who saw the original will tell you, from the snapped dinosaur jaw to the final shot, it is pretty much the same movie.

Just much, much nicer looking.



The original Scarface (yes, Al Pacino was in the remake) was a good film for the time, but did not come close to having the cultural impact the remake with Al Pacino had. It has been a huge inspiration in the musical world as well as the professional. And from the many F-bombs to the Chainsaw scene, it was a much more intense movie than the original.

And therefore, much better as well. I still yell “say hello to my little friend’ when I whip out my penis. That just shows you how deeply embedded this film is in pop culture.

The Fly


Another example of a modern modernized remake of a classic horror film, when Cronernberg remade the Fly, he took it from a kitschy 1950’s flick and transformed in into one of the most unforgettable body horror movies of all time.

From the vomitting to the limb snapping and fingernails falling out, it is still hard not watch this movie and wince, even still today. Sure beats the unintentional hilarity of the original.

Little Shop of Horrors


I guess I am sorry these are all horror, but when they go from a 1950’s movie and modernize it, that tends to be the ONLY time remakes actually improve. Take this old school horror film about a talking, killer plant. Though the original had its charms, the remake was turned into a musical and the plant effect was one of the best practical special effects of all time.

Plus, I am not sure if you have seen the original ending they changed, but in the original movie, the plants win and overtake mankind. Shared this scene above for those of you whom have never seen it. Badass stuff.



There isn’t even much that needs to be said here. If you compare the most recent Dredd movie (based on the comic book) to the 90’s Judge Dredd movie that Stallone starred in, it is like comparing an Atari 2600 game with a PS4 game. The original Judge Dredd movie was a joke, and even talking about it makes me want to vomit.


the Karl Urban reboot from a few years back is one of the best comic book movies ever made, and beats the living shit out of the original. Now we just need a sequel.

Speaking of kick-ass (see what I did there) R-rated comic book films….

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