With the turn of the New Year, you’ve likely been seeing a lot of review lists about the best games to be released last year. But some of the best games we’ve played were released long before last year, and they continue to offer the same high-quality game play that made us fall in love with them when they were new. In fact, some older games offer game play that is unparalleled in some of the newest offerings, even if graphics or some other components of today’s games are more advanced.

Instead of looking at the year in review, we looked at the millennium so far in review. Here are some of the best multiplayer games of the 21st century that you should be playing if you aren’t already:

The Secret World


The Secret World online game takes place in a massive fictional universe and allows you to be anything you want to be. Unlike some other popular multiplayer games, you are not restricted by class or level when playing your character. You can join one of three secret societies, including The Illuminati, The Templars, and The Dragon. Famous conspiracy theories and urban legends are brought to life in this game.

You can enjoy using thousands of weapons and powers as you explore the modern-day setting. Enjoy total freedom of play as you explore the world and uncover its secrets.

Time Splitterstimesplitters3_xboxbox

Time Splitters was released in 2002 for Xbox, Playstation 2 and Game Cube, but it continues to hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. Quirky characters like monkeys and robots populate the game, and it has the look and feel of an arcade classic.

The game includes numerous levels and alternative game modes, allowing you to enjoy a different experience every time you play. Many consider it one of the best shooter games around, even if it’s not the kind of game you first think of in the shooter genre.


Journey was released just a few years ago for Playstation 3 and 4, and the game play is just what you might expect from the title. You take epic journeys through mountain and desert settings. You’ll have to fight through blizzards and face numerous obstacles along the way.

In the online portion of the game, you’ll meet other travelers and have to work together to reach your destination. You’ll help each other avoid starving, freezing, or falling to your your death.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The fourth installment in this popular series was released for Playstation, Xbox and PC in 2007. Call of Duty was one of the most revolutionary multiplayer games when it was released, and it continues to hold a special place in the genre.

Call of Duty 4 includes a variety of maps, ranging from open fields to tight corridors in abandoned buildings. Shooting changed in the game by removing the recoil, making it more important to focus on strategy rather than learning how to use each weapon. By leveling up or getting other achievements in the game, such as getting a kill streak, you can unlock special weapons and items.

World of Warcraft

This massive online role-playing game was introduced in 2004, and it continues to be so popular that a feature film based on the game is even being released. Game play is highly structured, with players having to choose a class of character and realm in which to play.

Characters gain skills and abilities as the game play continues, and working with other players can help you level up more quickly and enjoy more challenging parts of the game. The world is expansive, so the game play can go on and on without feeling repetitive.

Of course, there are many more exceptional multiplayer games that have been released in the last decade or so. This is only a sampling of some of our favorites. What other multiplayer games do you think should make the list?

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