What Is and What Could Be: Best Games on Nintendo Switch (and Some That NEED To Be Ported)

The Nintendo Switch has surprised many people. Though it may not have the library most wish it did, what it does deliver on is what it promised. A cool system that we can pack up and play on the go that will lose no quality in the process. It is impressive, no doubt. But you know what isn’t impressive?

Their gaming library. Yes, Breath of the Wild is one of the greatest video games ever made, without question, but what other Nintendo Switch games REALLY have people drooling?

Don’t get me wrong, they have a handful of gems we will point out on this list, but we will ALSO point out some video games we think would make awesome additions to the Nintendo Switch game library. While it can be said there are some good games on the horizon for the Nintendo Switch, if they ported some of these recent golden god games over from other systems, the Switch would go from being a cool console to being a “must-own” which is isn’t yet, just keeping shit real.

So for your consideration, here are 18 or so games, some which are already on the Nintendo Switch and already kick-ass, and some we are dreaming get ported over from other consoles because they are just stunning games everyone needs to play, and in many instances, would adapt quite well to Switch’s unique design.

(Presented In No Particular Order)

The Best Games They Have:

1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What can even be said about a Picasso painting? How do you describe the best bite of food you ever had? You kinda can’t. You just hold the memory sacred and recall it whenever you need to smile. That is what Breath of the Wild is. A pretty much PERFECT (yup, just said it again) gaming experience from beginning to end. Huge, challenging, AND rewarding (and gorgeous AF, too), the only problem with Breath of the Wild was, it showed what this system has the capacity to be, and yet it hasn’t lived up to that once since.

Not once.

They raised their own bar SO HIGH with this game, even they cannot touch it.

Good For: Players who like expansive worlds and massive adventure.

Bad For: People who need lanes and structure to enjoy games.


Hey, how about we make a fighting game and instead of focusing on 2D fighting like Smash Brothers, we turn the focus to TRUE 3D, and we make the fighters arms ramen noodles?


That is how I imagine the pitch for this insane game went, but ARMS is fun. Once you get the hang of the nuances of short and long distance fighting, you have a very original fighting game where you can throw and land punches from across the arena. It can get hectic and become a helluva lot of fun once you get the swing of it.

So ARMS is original, unique, and fun. Yes Nintendo Switch, more like this and BOTW please?

Good For: Fans of unique fighting games.

Bad For: People who just want to button mash.

3. Mario Kart 8

What can we say, it is another Mario Kart. Mario Kart is like pizza, there is no such thing as a bad one, and eight adheres to this, big time. A great roster of characters, some AMAZING course designs, and the game itself never looking (or playing) sharper is what makes Mario Kart 8 a must-have for all Switch owners.

Here’s something sweet for you: Cool Super Mario Cakes

But, it is another Mario Kart game. Not like they are breaking huge ground here. THIS is what they do. Over and over again.

Good For: Everyone

Bad For: Nazis

4. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

The Binding of Isaac was a great (though super disturbing) game that reminded many gamers of old school Zelda if Zelda had fallen into a biblical nightmare made by Lovecraft. And the procedurally generated environs made it so the game rarely gets old, and tells one helluva messed up story that will make you appreciate your own Mother more, trust me on that.

And Afterbirth adds some DLC and new areas and such to give incentive for fans of the original to still pick this one up and play. It is also a great seeing this as a Nintendo Switch game, because it shows Nintendo aren’t scared to deal with adult issues in some games, which is just what Nintendo needs. To start growing past the super cute stuff for awhile.

Good For: Hardcore players who like old school Zelda games with some gore.

Bad For: People who are not good at games.

5. Thumper

A rhythm based game that also has some elements of a frantic action game, Thumper was kind of a surprise for a lot of people. First off, many thought it would be a platform game based around Bambi’s bunny buddy of the same name. Okay, I just made that last part up but sometimes you just need to toss in a shitty joke to keep them reading.

But again, we have an example of a game that could easily be played on a phone or a tablet, so how is this in the top ten of a Nintendo game list? It is just here to validate the second half of the list (which is all the games the Nintendo Switch SHOULD adapt).

Good For: People on ecstasy and people around people on ecstasy.

Bad For: People NOT on ecstasy.

6. Snipperclips

Some people think this simple premise of cutting out shapes made for a semi-cheesy game, but in multiplayer, it turned into some real fun. While the concept of cutting out shapes with someone in a video game sounds like something Atari would have come up with 40 years ago, this modern game is both cute and addictive.

But again, when one of the best games on your console in 2017 involves cutting out shapes with invisible scissors, your console might need some help, just saying.

Good For: People who still derive joy from cute and meaningless entertainment.

Bad For: Emo gamers who need to shoot things to be happy.

7. Cave Story

Another game that was inspired by old-school Nintendo, looks like old-school Nintendo, yet is new and is on new school Nintendo tech instead.

Cave Story was already pretty old by the time it landed on the Switch, but there is something oddly fitting and sentimental about playing a game that reminds you of your NES days, while playing on a Switch as an adult.

It is like a temporary time machine.

Good For: All old-school NES fans

Bad For: New-school gamers who can’t handle a challenge.

8. Disgaea 5

First off, how do I pronounce that title? Diss-Gia? Diss-Age-ya? I dunno, but I do know the series is a great strategy RPG and it looks and plays really well on the Switch.

While not a shining example of a game you would invite friends over to brag about, it is still a solid strategy-heavy RPG that you can invest hours into, which is the markings of most good role-playing video games.

It’s no Witcher 3, though, make no mistakes.

Good For: Fans of RPG and strategy games.

Bad For: Everyone else.

9. Minecraft

What do I even say about Minecraft at this point that has not already been said by some geek journalist, years before me? Yes, it is cool the Nintendo Switch has Minecraft, but it also shows you exactly what is wrong with the system.

Fucking PHONES have Minecraft, it is not exactly a technical achievement. Great game, don’t get me wrong, but for the people who want their gaming a little more intense, here you go….

Good For: The three of you left who don’t own Minecraft

Bad For: Everyone else.

The Games They SHOULD Have On the Nintendo Switch

1. Limbo

Indie games are key here. a game like Limbo or Inside from PlayDead would fit on the Switch perfectly. graphics could look perfect, and the simple right to left, 2D puzzle, platforming would lend itself well to a gaming model Nintendo invented with Mario.

Limbo is essentially Mario taken to a darker place (an evolution on the genre Nintendo created) so why would Nintendo not take an opportunity to reach that same core, platforming fan they created decades ago and bring this to Switch?

No idea.

Good For: Smart gamers who like moody, atmospheric puzzlers.

Bad For: Impatient gamers or kids.

2. Doom

Doom is as frantic as modern FPS games get. It is non-stop, visceral FPS action. And though I know it may get a graphical downgrade if it went on the Switch console, keep the framerate and gameplay perfectly in tact and you have one of the most hardcore shooters out there to feed the frenzied Switch owners who want a little more action than a glorified multiplayer paintball game and ANOTHER Mario game  (even though it looks weird and awesome as fuck).

Give some of your hardcore fans some hardcore game experiences, they deserve it for supporting you. Doom is just that, so why not give the people what they want?

Good For: Hardcore FPS fans and hardcore gamers alike.

Bad For: Family game night.

3. Until Dawn

A horror  game that relies mostly on QTEs to tell the story is simple enough, and Nintendo Switch Games are not exactly scary yet, so why not port over a game that truly is?

Until Dawn’s interactive horror movie was jaw-dropping and hard to put down, and it was first gen PS4, so how hard would it be to bring that creepy ass game to the Switch?

God I hope someone important from Nintendo is reading this.

Good For: Horror fans who Nintendo seems to wholly ignore.

Bad For: People who piss themselves.

4. Rocket League

Wait a damn second here. Rocket League is the best multiplayer game in a long, LONG time, and Nintendo Switch is a multiplayer system (it really is) so why is this relatively simple game not ported over to it? Keep in mind, as with most games mentioned here there are contracts with certain companies, I get it. Regardless, we are allowed to dream, you can’t take THAT from us.

Rocket League’s frenetic gameplay and spastic one on one action would be PERFECT for Switch, so outside of contracts, what’s the excuse here?

Good For: Everyone who likes fun.

Bad For: Assholes who don’t like fun.

5. Mad Max

So Breath of the Wild is going to be the Switch’s one, TRUE open world game? While it may very well be the best open world game ever or damn close, that shows people Switch has the power to smoothly run MASSIVE worlds teeming with life. So why is it the “open world game” genre which flourishes on every OTHER console is suffering on the Nintendo Switch?

Mad Max would be the perfect game to port over, as is it not the biggest or grandest, but it is without question one of the most fun and underrated sandbox games of the last half decade. Maybe add another section to the map, a few new baddies, and bam, you have a game for the open world game fans out there who are undernourished on the Switch’s weak game library.

Good For: Fans of awesome, open-world games and RPGs and FPSs.

Bad For: People who like safer, more narrative driven games.

6. Fallout 3 (or 4, but Preferably 3)

I say Fallout 3 because I personally like it more than part 4 and I also know they used the same engine to port Skyrim fairly flawlessly (as flawless as a Bethesda game can get, anyway) to the Switch, so part 3 would also be an easy port, they could upgrade the graphics, and Switch players would have another 300 hour game on their hands, which is a real good way to kill time while waiting for Nintendo to drop something as good as Breath of the Wild again.

Fallout 3 and 4 would be even cooler but that would be kind of a green pipe dream (Mario jokes, yo) at this point.

Good For and Bad For: See Mad Max, same answers.

7. Firewatch

I think at the end of the day, you do want to find games to port to Switch that you KNOW the Switch can handle, power wise. That is why there are so many indies on this list. Indie games is not a dirty term anymore. Some of the best games that have come out in the last five years are indie, and Firewatch is a beaming example of just how good indie gaming can be (and how well the style would adapt to the Switch).

Firewatch may be visually stunning, but that is achieved using cell-shading, which Nintendo mastered better than anyone at this point. It also is a game that focuses on story and not action, which also would lend itself well to the Switch library.

Good For: Gamers who appreciate a good story and crisp visuals  without the need for action

Bad For: Twitch gamers who want to kill everything and get bored when the killing stops.

8. Every Wii U Game EVER MADE!

Come on, Nintendo. This doesn’t even make sense. Diehard fanboys (and fangirls) of Nintendo purchased the (frankly, shitty) Wii U and you don’t even thank them or reward them by making the Wii U games playable or compatible on the Nintendo Switch?

That is not only mean, but especially mean to the six people who bought a Wii U and kept Nintendo in business so they COULD make the Switch. Make all your older games backwards compatible, we don’t care if it is easy. Buying a new console every few years isn’t easy but we do it, now you thank us on your end by letting us play the games we already have and inexplicably love.

Good For: All 16 Wii U Owners.

Bad For: This one wouldn’t hurt anyone, get on with it!


I realize this last entry is kind of cheating, but come on? Eternal Darkness is one of the best horror games ever, as it was one of the first to TRULY screw with the player’s head. Your game files would erase in front of you, your character’s head would suddenly pop off and they would keep walking around. It was a genuine mindfuck of a game, and a huge classic among horror game fans.

The computing power on the game was on a Gamecube so don’t act like, technology wise, this isn’t possible. Think about all the ways they screwed with your head back then with a basic console. Now imagine what a new Eternal Darkness could possibly do on the Nintendo Switch?!!

Good For: ME!

Bad For: Who cares, really?

Nintendo, make this happen!

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