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The Best Sci Fi Movies on Netflix 2017 Edition

Three years ago I wrote a piece for a well-established periodical and former client I won’t name-drop here because I don’t want to be sued, and the whole theme of the piece was how Hollywood was intending on embracing science fiction as its new main genre after the blistering success of Gravity. I was right.

Since that article, I have seen 7 people “space walk” in movies, whereas before the article, Gravity was the first “space walk” I had seen (outside of the stellar 2001) that had any impact at all in terms of the profound effect science fiction and sci fi movies have on me.

There is just something so limitless about the vast reaches of space and technology it is hard not to be enthralled by it all. And when it comes to suggesting movies, what better platform to use than Netflix, seeing as most people have it in some form?

With that in mind and after the popularity of the horror movie version of this I wrote, here we have the best sci fi movies on Netflix (2017 edition) so we make sure it all up to date for you. 

So you want to go to deal with some futuristic ideas, tech, and potential places, huh? Well, these Netflix sci fi movies will take you there and you don’t need one of those bulky helmets to take this ride. This article is still 100% oxygen rich.


The Best Sci Fi Movies on Netflix 2017 Edition

1. Turbo Kid

Do not let the 1980’s visage of Turbo Kid turn you trick away from this cult masterpiece. That is pure homage to the most wonderfully cheesy decade for films. Set in a dystopian future (A term you will hear a lot in the next two thousand words, sorry for that now) where some evil bastards like to cut people’s heads off for fun, the titular Turbo Kid is a kid with a pimped out Nintendo Power Glove that somehow has the courage to step up and let the evil bastards know their reign must end.

It is like a mini Mad Max with bicycles and a tiny budget but so much heart you cannot help but fall in love with it. And the gore in it is super over-the-top, unreal, and fun as hell!

And I want that skull mask, badly.

2. The Colony

Make no mistakes, this is a sci fi meets zombie film, pretty much through and through, but the sci fi elements stay strong throughout so it made the list.

In the Colony, a small group of survivors are stuck in an icy wasteland, and the world is all but dead, though they do have contact on their radio that tells them there is hope.

Then the communication between them suddenly stops.

It totally feels like The Thing but then takes a 180-degree turn and it is an action zombie flick, but a mindless, fun one that is, as mentioned, reminiscent of The Thing and 30 Days of Night for its bleak setting and imposing feeling of dread.

Plus, it has the late Bill Paxton in it in one of his final roles. Rest well, Bill. You were the shit, man. Game over for real this time, my man.


3. Iron Giant

I cannot dare mention the best sci fi on Netflix in 2017 and not mention The Iron Giant. Definitely one of my favorite animated movies ever made. From the animation style (god I miss hand-drawn animation like this, no offense Pixar) to the way the movie captures the essence of the time frame it took place in, Iron Giant is just movie magic at its finest.

For those who don’t know, Iron Giant is about an Iron Giant. I am not telling you anymore than that because you should OWN this movie by now! If you haven’t seen it I will just assume you spent 20 years in some bunker, held against your own will.

Kimmy Schmidt shit, you know?

4. Gantz 0

So like, there is a big black egg and stuff. And there are these dead people they bring back who fight demons to save the city, but they are not “zombie dead” (think an already dead Suicide Squad and you have a good idea) and can die again, so they need to master working together to take out the (frankly, fucking badass) monsters that are invading their province.

It is a CG movie, very much in the vein of the Resident Evil CG flicks. The animation is stunning, the creature designs are awesome, and the action is relentless.

Do not look at this as a “cartoon” and skip it for that reason. You’d be missing out on some dope sci fi in that case.

5. Doctor Strange

WHAT? THIS IS A COMIC BOOK MOVIE, HOW DARE I? Um, this is a comic book movie about a guy who can travel through space and bend time itself in half. This is a movie about another dimension existing just below ours that is all trippy and 2001-esque.


This movie features the scene below, and if that is not some sci-fi mindf*ck shit, I don’t know what is.

The only thing missing to make it TRUE Sci fi is Matt Damon.

6. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Nazis, robots, Angelina Jolie with an eye patch (oh my!).

If you need any more than that to sell you on Sky Captain and the World of tomorrow, you are a soulless creature who scares me.

To us normal folk, that has all the ingredients of a “must watch” stew.

7. The Scribbler

So a device is created to help people with multiple personality disorder SEPARATE those personalities from within (pretty cool concept) but like all good sci fi movies, something goes wrong and for me to tell you anymore would scribble away any joy you may find in seeing those revelations unfold yourself.

I will say, very cool looking film, sleek, but not the best acting at times might be its only shortcoming. And don’t even PRETEND you have ever heard of this film, because no one I have ever talked to has, and I talk to a lot of people about movies.

8. Innerspace

You cannot mention good sci fi on Netflix and not mention the classic, Innerspace, where Dennis Quaid shrinks down into a pod and goes INSIDE Martin Short (non-sexually). Now keep in mind, he was supposed to be injected into a rabbit. Alas, his luck was not so great and now he is stuck inside a nerdy human and nothing but wonderfully zany hijinks unfold. And  still good looking Meg Ryan before she went all Joker with her plastic surgery.

Also, Martin Short’s physical comedy in this movie is nothing SHORT of genius (Damn I’m good). Honestly shocked Hollywood hasn’t CG raped this gem yet with a soulless reboot.

Crap, I just jinxed it. I am so sorry.

9. Mr. Nobody

We are talking about the best sci fi movies on Netflix in 2017, but I am here to tell you Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto as the titular character is one of the greatest sci fi movies EVER MADE. I went at it blind and you should, too, but if you want a little incentive, here.

The oldest man on earth is about to pass away, and he looks back on his life using the butterfly effect, seeing the way his life would’ve played out had he had kids or not, or married a woman different than the one he did, and so on. It is a movie about regret, accepting your flaws, and not living in the past, and It is jaw-dropping and tear-jerking in every way.

Also, my God, Leto gives the greatest “old age” performance in old age makeup I have ever seen. LITERALLY did not know it was him, right down to the voice, yet it is. That dude can act.

Jared Leto should have gotten an Oscar for this performance, real talk.

10. Circle

This movie is a LOT like the Cell series (which is a compliment as the Cell movies are DOPE AF). People wake up in a circle, and they begin to die, one by one. It is made clear that potentially ONE person is coming out of there.

Circle begs to ask you, could you put a stranger’s life before your own in that type of circumstance?

The acting may not be consistent (having a massive cast will do that to a flick), but the premise and ending make it well worth it. A fun ride well worth checking out for you sci fi and horror fans.

11. These Final Hours

Apparently, when it come, some places handle the end of the world differently. In this movie, a decent sect of the world seems to want to just throw one massive rage orgy to make the end of the world cooler, and one man’s quest to get there and find his girlfriend leads him to realize that there are far more important things in life to look out for than ” fun” when times are so dire.

I won’t tell you more than that because the character arc of the lead in this film is awesome and I don’t want to ruin that.

That is what sells the movie in the end.

12. Monsters

Simple, low budget, Monsters is far more of a character study than an alien invasion movie, but make no mistakes. It is an alien invasion movie.

Featuring a man hired by his boss to go find his daughter amid the chaos unfolding, the man he takes the job, not knowing just how intense it will be, yet not really having much of a choice.

Dude who wrote and directed this went onto the land the recent Godzilla remake, so fair to say some people know this guy can do aliens and big monsters justice on film, and this is one such film. Don’t expect much action, though.

NOT an action movie by any sorts. Now if action is what you want with your sci fi movies, this next double entry will tickle your fancy….

13. Night Watch/ Day Watch

All I have to say is when Russians make movies, they go more batshit insane than Bollywood movies. The Daywatch/Nightwatch movies are just that. They are like the Matrix, if The Matrix took LSD and cocaine instead of those colored pills.

I would try to explain this movie to you, but screw that, we would be here for weeks (long premise made short: Superpowered good guys fight superpowered evil guys secretly under the world’s noses). Really, all I remember is a bunch of crows turns into one of the guys and another guy punches a truck to death. Pretty sure someone drives a sports car sideways across a building, too.


14. Seeking A Friend for the End of the World

I adore this movie, and though it may just be an “end of the world” spectacle that is more comedy than anything else, there are some very hefty and dramatic moments, some VERY moving scenes, a GREAT cast, and an overall approach to the end of days that is a unique and refreshing taste.

Plus, they used a hook from a Chris Cornell song for the name of the movie, so that alone, is a win.

Interesting movie side note: There are at least THREE films in existence that used Chris Cornell lyrics as titles. I will give you one and you can search the rest:

Feeling Minnesota (this one, and one more out there. Can YOU find it?)

15. The Last Days

There are some end of the world sci fi movies on Netflix that are great (as seen above with examples on this list) but this Spanish movie might be one of the best of the bunch. Featuring a very original “agoraphobic outbreak” pushing a society into literally turning savage before their very eyes.

The film settles in with two characters who are trying to work out their major differences, what is going on, what they can do about it, or if they need to just accept that they are doomed.

It is a thrilling ride like most apocalypse scenario movies are, but the Spanish take it to some unique new places in The Last Days.

Also, if you want, see a movie called Last Days. Not sci fi but rather, about Kurt Cobain’s final days and it is amazing, just saying.

16. Deja Vu

All I should have to tell you here is Denzel Washington time traveling to avert a tragedy and you will realize that this is some fantastic shit you need to watch ASAP.

Though some of the jumping around and timeline changes can be hard to follow, it is Denzel Washington time traveling. If you need anything else to sell this to you, you are not someone I can wholly respect.

I know, the truth hurts sometimes, as it should.

17. Rogue One

I HAD to put a Star Wars movie on here or I would have been placed into Carbonite by someone, justifiably. Rogue One was a fun flick that paid fanboy homage to the first movies while still maintaining its own charms.

Oh, and outside of the Knights of the Old Republic game, it has the BEST DROID IN ANY STAR WARS MOVIE EVER and I will fight ANYONE (with lightsabers, by the way) who argues that point.

Still wanna talk movies? Okay, here ya go:


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