If you’re already an avid Reddit user, you know full well the vast knowledge that subreddits have to offer for even the most specific of topics. There’s a subreddit for babies that have a world-weary and haggard look about them, making them seem like elderly people. There’s a subreddit for the books that most changed people’s lives. (If you’re wondering, The Life and Death of Ivan Illych was the overwhelming winner). There’s even a subreddit for things that are terrible ideas but so brilliantly executed that they’re worth our attention.

If you’re new to Reddit, in a nutshell, the site is a series of forums, where things that users post are moved to the top of a page if many people like and upvote it, and things people don’t like or are not interested in, sink to the bottom. Because of this, you can often find the best content on a given topic across the web on a subreddit. The other big thing you need to know about Reddit is that there’s a board for everything. Every possible topic and perspective can be found on Reddit where users open it up and explore all the details of it. Because of this, Reddit is a spectacular place to learn about any topic of interest to you.

What Reddit Means For Tech-Based Skills Learning

In particular, Reddit is full of guides and personal anecdotes about all things tech. If you find yourself trying to manage things like website hosting, webpage development, and website-based technology, Reddit can be a goldmine. Filled with countless hyper-specific SubReddits for every type of website product, program, and skill and responses from users experienced with every type of website, many people find that SubReddits are more helpful than other forms of online guides. They also often have faster response times when you post troubleshooting questions.

The Big Caveats

Because Reddit is designed to sort content using viewer interaction and commenting, there is always the risk that a large percentage of people are mistaken about a certain topic. We all know about the Mandela Effect—it’s completely possible for a large number of people to be entirely wrong about something. Because of this, it is always best to take what you are reading and seeing with a grain of salt. Perhaps that story that rose to the top is a dishonest post. Perhaps that person commenting has ulterior motives for what they are saying. Perhaps people decided to vote for a certain post in an attempt to troll other Reddit Users.

Beyond this issue, Reddit can feel like a jungle if you’re not sure which board suits your interests and needs. The old-school design of the site doesn’t help either. That is if you’re not used to it. Many users are madly in love with Reddit’s 90s vibe and they will fight you or leave scathing comments on your content if you insult their beloved internet home.

The Best Subreddit For Web Hosting

If you are interested in web hosting platforms (or if you are banging your head against your keyboard with angst towards them), Reddit can help you out. The most common issue people have when dealing with web hosting platforms is choosing which one suits their site and needs. It’s not hard to find an awesome web hosting provider list on Reddit. Nor is it difficult to read through the comment sections and take note of the responses of people who have the same issues or aims as you. When it comes to web hosting, r/webgeeks is going to be one of your favorite subreddits.

The Best Subreddit For Website Development

When it comes to website development there are countless topics and therefore, countless subreddits. Regardless of your experience with website development, you will be able to find a few subreddits that give you the information you’re looking for. If you’re interested in a particular type of coding, definitely look up the subreddit for that language, but if you want a broader focus, you can’t beat r/WebDev.

This is maybe one of the largest and most active website development communities on the internet. On this board, you’ll find many people who are extremely open to helping with technical problems and troubleshooting, though the board is not very news-focused, so if you want to be keeping up on the latest in website development, another board might be right for you.

The Best Subreddit For Tech More Broadly

It’s no secret that technology is infiltrating our lives. Demand for tech skills has skyrocketed lately and it is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future. The development of tech-based abilities can be extraordinarily useful when it comes to the workplace, but also tech can be fun and interesting.

There are countless different types of tech and therefore countless tech-based subreddits, but if we had to choose just one we’d have to go with r/artificial which is a subreddit devoted to all concepts and ideas related to artificial intelligence and all of the potential applications of this impending technology.

A Final Note

As with any place in the world, the internet is packed full of kind people and unkind people. Sometimes you will encounter comments that irritate you or upset you, and that is par for the course if you are spending time on Reddit or any other online site—there’s not much you can do about it.

This being said, you can control what you add into the beautiful chaotic mess that is the internet. Do not engage with the troubling comments, let them slide into oblivion. Most often people are looking for a reaction when they post inappropriate things, and in a messed up way, you’re giving them exactly what they wanted if you participate. Reddit, the internet as a whole, and your own mental health will thank you if you choose not to get involved.

There you have it. Some of the best Reddit boards for tech and website hosting/development. Of course, these boards are only a jumping-off point. Take your time and explore, you might find a hyper-specific niche of a board that fulfills your wildest information dreams.

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