Social media is handy for TV fanatics.

In the thirty days, social media has helped saved three television shows as a result of frantic fans campaigning and tweeting to save them.

It all began when Fox canceled the cherished “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” due to low ratings, and then NBC saved it less than forty-eight hours later. More recent, another Fox series, “Lucifer,” got canceled though saved by Netflix.

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Likewise, critics raved over the third season of “The Expanse.” Back in May, SyFy canceled the program. However fans and critics rallied behind it and lobbied to save it, with over 130,000 persons signing a petition. The campaign even featured fans flying bannered aircraft over the Amazon headquarters, and “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin sending an email in endorsement of the show to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, accordant to reports. In late May, Bezos confirmed that Amazon picked up the show for a fourth season.

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The Expanse; Photo: Gifbin

Oh and, speaking of The Expanse — it made it onto this list, of course. Now, as to where it’s ranked, well.. you’re just going to have to scroll down to the bottom to find that out for yourself.

And while you’re in the midst of navigating, take a second to rate our list as far as accuracy goes. We hope we’ve lived up to your hard-bitten standards! Enjoy and please feel free to comment and share.

10 Best Original Syfy TV Shows

10. Channel Zero

Whilst American Horror Story may have the market under its thumb, Channel Zero is the underdog prepared to encroach upon AHS’s crown. When it comes to fable telling and overall horror appeal, out of the Syfy shows this one wipes the floor with potential rivals.

For while now, AHS has favored shock and gimmick over authentic horror. There is a time and place for that, however we, as persons that love good horror, require more. Channel Zero is the answer to our unrealized nightmares. It is effortlessly the scariest show on TV … therefore, get to watching (well, that is if you’re not already).

9. Z Nation

Z Nation has the perfect balance of horror, comedy, drama and action (especially in the first 2 seasons). Whoever wrote Russell Hodgkinson‘s character did an astounding job; the rest of the crew does a sensational job as well. The show’s writers, producers, and directors appear like an astute bunch of individuals who found a right balance of all the integral elements that create the ideal zombie show.

One thing is too certain: they have probably viewed The Walking Dead and elected not to repeat their mistakes in throttling the series with ‘too dark’ themes! They too display the top acting game there is, thereby the pick of actors was adequately made. So when it comes to original Syfy shows, Z Nation indubitably takes (some of) the cake.

8. Battlestar Galactica

When it come to good ol’ fashioned storytelling, no other show (we can think of, at least) tops Battlestar Galactica. The iconic series has an intricate political storyline, a captivating examination of difference and spirituality, valiant characters as well as common ones, mystery, romance and adventure.

It’s your rudimentary good old-designed storytelling — something that is very challenging to pull off. Even Joss Whedon, inventor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (one of the best shows ever as far as storytelling goes) confessed that BSG “is my favorite show. Maybe ever.” We miss you BSG!

7. 12 Monkeys

As much as we heart the movie, the TV version of 12 Monkeys is the far superior version of the narrative. They raised the stakes substantially, which is no light feat when the fomenting event is a viral plague that ends the world. The cast — along with the crew, and writers — really tell a full story here, one that meshes together in ways that other askew sci-fi concept shows often fail to accomplish.

12 Monkeys belongs in the conversation with Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Wire as potentially one of the best-written shows ever on television. It establishes its own vocabulary, sets a clear tone, and creates a world both utterly distinct from the one most are familiar with but implausibly relatable to their reality, whatever it may be.

6. Wynonna Earp

Syfy TV shows are simply lit, and Wynonna Earp is no exception. Ask any fan of the series what their top favorite lines from the show is and it’s a great chance Season 2‘s “This may be a sh*t show, but it’s our sh*t show” will be among them because, let’s tell it, it’s a freckin’ bad a** line!

Wynonna’s irritable. She’s a straight shooter. She’s the female your momma warned you about. She’s too got one hell of a pie hole on her. In a nutshell, she’s bada** and we prefer nothing less/else. Now that we think of it, everybody on the show has a potty mouth! Which is a bonus, if you ask us.

5. The Magicians

The Magicians is without inquiry one of the best Syfy shows out. The series has discreetly become one of the most consistently entertaining shows on television. It’s pretty much Harry Potter meets The Chronicles of Narnia converges the harsh, cold realities of real life, in a fantasy series premised on the best-selling trilogy by Lev Grossman.

The heart of the show lies in taking a pragmatic approach to fantasy, earthing its characters squarely in the real world even as they battle sling spells and gods. The characters in the series are an eclectic cast of actors depicting characters with a broad range of sexual preferences. They feel like real individuals with real issues, from relationship drama to more serious issues like sexual assault and mental trauma. The Magicians is too visually impressive, especially around the spellcasting.

4. Van Helsing

Van Helsing was revived for a third season at Syfy and thank the constellations because this show kicks major tail! Other than Blade, VH has the vampire game on lock. Though really what makes this show work, is how we (the audience) learn things and the way the tale all unfolds. The main thing that’ll stick in your cabeza days later is musing over, “what would I do?”

What would you do? Face it, you’d be vampire chow. Still, a freaky chill goes down your spine when you begin to ponder about that sort of thing – “what if?” Yeah, we joke about zombie or vampire apocalypses, but real events could take place where persons are forced to live or die trying. See, it’s that really quaint electrical ping that hits your vertebral column that Van Helsing taps into. Out of the original Syfy shows, this one may be the eeriest!

3. Killjoys

The first few episodes of Killjoys possess(ed) a space western ambiance reminiscent of the much-adored Firefly—thereby we were already sold! Killjoys features the wittiest AI we’ve encountered in a long while, Lucy, the brains behind the ship the main characters fly. Each one of her lines is a victor sure to suck a laugh out of anyone.

We’ve too always been drawn to tales that focus on the power of friendship above romantic relationships, which utterly depicts Dutch and Johnny. We’ve scarcely ever seen it done this well before, and it’s particularly refreshing because it is so rare to see women and men be friends without any sexual/romantic overtones. Thus it’s no surprise why Killyjoys is one of best Syfy shows, ever.

2. Krypton

Krypton is totally unlike any Syfy show that you’ve seen before! Yes, the show revolves around Superman. However, you don’t have to be a fan of Superman to enjoy it. In fact, you don’t even need to be a fan of superhero stuff!

The series plunges into the Kryptonian way of life and culture more than anything we’ve ever witnessed before, constructing a world that feels real, compelling and interesting…though too, suitably, doomed. The politics, schemes and intrigue are a tad complex, with all sorts of resemblances to be drawn to both our current world and archival one.

1. The Expanse

Surprised, huh? Well actually, a lot of you aren’t because The Expanse was demanded to be brought back to TV by fans for a reason. The show blends some big-name stars with some jelled newcomers, crafts multiple interconnecting stories, and cleverly conforms the source books into a multi-layered, fun adventure. In a nutshell, it freckin’ rocks!

With a concrete cast, near-future hazardous setting and a phenomenal book series, no one on TV comes close to accomplishing the show’s sci-fi grandness. Fans of Game of Thrones will find a lot of parallels with how The Expanse is formatted. Unlike GOT, which narrates multiple stories featuring a plethora of characters, The Expanse‘s initial season narrowed it down to three. You’ll find also, no magic powers in show; rather the series conflates a few hundred years and uses established technology … which real sci-fi fans wholeheartedly appreciate.

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