There is no doubt that true crime documentaries are popular to the mass. The genre takes form in various medium: podcasts, web series, films, and even TV shows. Go to any streaming platform such as Spotify, Hulu, and YouTube, and you’ll find something true crime-related content there. However, one of the best platforms to get a dose of your true crime documentary craving is on Netflix.

Netflix has numerous true crime documentaries in its library and here are some of our favorites!

Casting JonBenet


Casting JonBenet is a 2017 documentary film that approaches the true crime genre a bit differently. Usually, true crime documentaries will reenact the crime scene, interview people involved in the crime, and follow the investigation. However, for Casting JonBenet, the film is more focused on the casting process. Most of the actors who auditioned for the film were from Colorado, the state where the murder of JonBenet Ramsey took place. Majority of the clips came from the actors’ interviews talking about their connection to the characters, to the crime, and some even living nearby where the crime happened. Some even talked about their own speculations of what truly happened; their assumptions and conclusions.

Rather than searching for the answers to the crime, Casting JonBenet leaves its audience with more questions. At the same time, it also gives us an insight into how some documentaries can be sensationalized.

Watch it here.

The Confession Tapes


The Confession Tapes is a 2017 documentary series that asks the question, “What if the one in prison wasn’t the real criminal?”

The series shares 10 stories of possible false confession. 10 people who claim that they were manipulated into confessing a crime that they didn’t commit. The series explores different possibilities and looks at the crime scene from different angles to offer a different answer from what the criminal justice system has concluded. Moreover, the series also looks into the possibility of a false confession with the help of experts on criminal law and psychology. Their interviews together with the interviews of the criminal, and with other people involved.

Watch it here.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes


Ted Bundy is possibly the most popular serial killer people know today. Whether it be for the things he has done or for his famous good looks, people would’ve at least heard his name once. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes is a 4-episode documentary that premiered on Netflix on Ted Bundy’s execution’s 30th anniversary. It is one of those true crime documentaries that covers his life growing up, his crimes, his confession, and finally, his death. Interviews from family, friends, police officers, officials, and journalists makes up half of the documentary. Together with those interviews, the documentary has clips of over 100 hours of footage and interviews of Ted Bundy, including Stephen Michaud‘s 1980 interviews – the interviews the documentary is centered on.

Watch it here.

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer


Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is a true crime documentary that focuses on one of the most disturbing crimes in the modern era. The 2019 documentary follows the crime that was solved by amateur investigators with the help of the internet. The documentary focuses on the crime of Luka Magnotta whose deeds went viral worldwide. Those deeds were the killing of two kittens and the murder of Jun Lin, a Chinese international student. It also looks at how a group of amateur investigators were able to identify and locate Magnotta; helping the officials looking for him to track him down and finally arrest him. One of the best parts about this is how the story comes full circle. He started his series of crimes through the internet and finally, the police catches him in an internet shop in Germany – while reading news about himself.

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer became one of Netflix’s most-watched documentaries in 2019.

Watch it here.

Evil Genius


Evil Genius presents us with probably one of the most disturbing and brilliant crimes in history. It’s a 4-part documentary that tells us the story of the famous 2003 pizza bomber case. Or the murder of Brian Wells. The pizza bomber case is famous as the story of a pizza delivery-man who tries to rob a bank with a bomb on his neck. He soon dies with the bomb exploding in front of police officers.

Unlike other true crime documentaries which feature only one crime, Evil Genius uncovers the truth behind multiple incidents. Incidents that include a bombing, a murder, and possibly “America’s most diabolical bank heist”. All of these planned by one woman: Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong. The director of the documentary, Troy Borzillieri, had personal correspondence with Diehl-Armstrong. With this true crime documentary, Borzillieri painted a picture of Diehl-Armstrong as an “evil genius”, while uncovering the various twists and turns that were involved in the death of Brian Wells.

Watch it here.

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