Best TV Series to Watch if You Like Lucifer

Lucifer proved itself to be a well-loved Netflix show with the series lasting for five seasons – and getting extended for a final sixth season. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably finished the first half of season five ever since its premiere last August 21. So what should you do now? If you’re like us who’s waiting for the second half of Season 5 (or even dreading the coming of its final sixth season) we’ve listed down the best TV series to watch if you like Lucifer to fill the voids in our hearts.



If we’re talking about TV shows that fall under the paranormal/supernatural genre, then we have to mention Supernatural. The 2005 TV series is a popular show with its own (growing) fanbase. If you loved the concept of demons and angels in Lucifer, you’ll also love Supernatural even more.

The show revolves around the Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, and their encounters with anything supernatural. We’re talking about ghosts, monsters, demons, and even angels. Combine that with some drama, action, and comedy, and Supernatural can be a pretty fun show to watch. Supernatural is premiering its final season (Season 15!!) this coming October 10th; so if you have not watched this show yet, you’re in for a long ride.



While this show takes on a much more serious tone compared to Lucifer, we think that you’ll find Grimm‘s premise intriguing enough.

Grimm focuses on Nick Burkhardt, a homicide investigator, who finds out that he descends from a family of guardians known as Grimms. The Grimms’ are people who hunt the Wesen (German for being or creature) in order to keep the balance between these creatures and humanity. If you haven’t noticed it yet, Grimm takes inspiration from the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Each episode has a theme or excerpt highlighted to set the tone, however some of the stories and creatures in the show are also inspired by other stories outside Grimms’ Fairy Tales.



If you like Lucifer, we assume that it’s primarily because of the supernatural, occult premise of the show. This is why we also thing Constantine is another TV series that you’ll really like.

You’re probably familiar with Constantine the movie where Keanu Reeves stars as John Constantine. This is the same story, but in TV format – and it ran for two seasons. John Constantine is an exorcist and a master of the occult who tries to save the world but at the same time, is struggling with his faith. It’s an interesting show with a main character that has depth and a charming arrogance – just like Lucifer.



Just like ConstantinePreacher is actually a show that is based on a comic with the same name published by DC Comics‘ Vertigo. If you love superheroes and the occult, Constantine and Preacher should probably be on your list now.

Preacher is a 2016 TV series that focuses on Jesse Custer, a preacher with an extraordinary power, and smoking and drinking vices. He goes on a quest to learn more about his power and at the same time, know more about God. Accompanying him is also a group of people you would normally not find in the same group: his ex-girlfriend and his new vampire friend.



If we can describe Forever in two words it would be crime and fantasy.

The show, which only ran for one season, tells the story of Dr. Henry Morgan, a medical examiner and an immortal. Forever has an interesting premise where Morgan solves crimes in order to find the answer to his immortality. His outstanding observation skills and broad knowledge (because of his very long, long life) has actually helped him in solving crimes, and has even led him to partner up with Jo Martinez, a detective from NYPD.

The Umbrella Academy


Unlike the other shows we’ve mentioned above, The Umbrella Academy does not dabble in the occult, in religion, or in the supernatural. In fact, its a superhero TV show with overlapping plot lines and dysfunctional characters – which sounds like a great combination for a TV show.

The show revolves around seven people who were adopted and raised by the eccentric billionaire, Sir Reginald Hargreeves. These seven people all had a similar characteristic: they were all born on October 1, 1989 with their mothers all giving birth to them at the same time – and they all have powers. Raised to become heroes and fight evil, all of them ended up having issues in some way or another; like one having a drug addiction, another one having daddy issues, and another one literally got lost in time. Combine them in one room – which happened after their adoptive father died – and the show’s story became one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

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