The Best TV Shows For Beginner Geeks

There have been a number of movies and television series over the years that have centered around themes that are, by all accounts, geeky. In some instances, these shows, such as Buck Rogers and Knight Rider, were an early introduction into geek culture for many viewers in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

With computers, new electronic gadgets, and even fancy medical equipment hitting the market back then, it became possible for TV shows to start drawing on ideas from emerging technologies to bring the brainy and sci-fi aspects of the geek lifestyle to the forefront of popular culture. In some instances, old sci-fi series have returned to the screen to give a new generation a look. In other instances, new concepts have been presented to perpetuate the geek movement onward as it continues to amass a large following. Let us take a look at some of the television series that have emerged to meet the demand of the modern geek crowd.

Doctor Who

Since 1963, the Doctor Who series has thrilled sci-fi fans long before the idea of being a geek was even cool. Revived again in the ‘90s, popular demand for the alien traveler from Galifrey in his blue box has been majorly successful and continues to carry on as the longest science fiction television series to date. With the good doctor now on his 13th regeneration, the Doctor Who series and franchise have become solid pillars of geek culture and will likely remain as such for generations to come. Although, this show has only been around three years longer than the next television series in our spotlight.


Star Trek

In 1966, the original television series Star Trek hit the airwaves, giving rise to a following of trekkies that has spanned the full spectrum of the show’s various casts. After the original series came The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and the ever-popular Voyager, along with a slew of featured motion pictures. In recent years, the Star Trek theme has been revived with younger cast members to bring ideas from the original series to a much newer and younger audience, thus keeping the Star Trek legacy alive long after the passing of its creator, Gene Roddenberry.


Numb3rs or Numbers

In 2005, the very cool series Numb3rs hit television screens across America, giving geeks everywhere a cerebral look at how various branches of mathematics could be used to help organizations like the NSA and the FBI solve crimes. Centered around the lives of Don, his brother Charlie, and their father Alan Epps, the show ran for six seasons, giving its audience a very graphical insight into otherwise obscure mathematical concepts that the average person simply wouldn’t be dealing with in their everyday lives. In some instances, common and even fringe ideas of modern science were drawn upon to give the series a more brainy feel, providing the geek culture with another beloved storyline to cherish in its progression, helping the movement leave its mark on history once again.



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