The Very Best Easter Eggs in Video Games

Well, with Easter right around the corner, what better time is there to do a list about easter eggs found in games? Easter eggs, in this case for those thinking literally, are actually little buried surprises in video games that either pay homage to another aspect of pop culture or are just an in-joke with game programmers and gamers. Some games are famous for them (see Borderlands series) and some games don’t even bother. But there have been enough insane video game easter eggs lately, picking out another 5 won’t be a challenge.

Warning, none of the following eggs are made by Cadbury. Sorry about that.

Video game Easter eggs

Dead Rising: Jill Sandwiches

They actually PAID people do sound like that? No way.

Capcom make both the Dead Rising franchise and the Resident Evil franchise, so when it comes to alluding to their own games, they have free reign. In this case, when you are in the mall in the first Dead Rising game, there is a place in the food court called Jill Sandwiches. While to most, this just sounds like a bad name for a sub shop, in reality, it is Capcom referencing the terrible writing and voice-acting of the first Resident Evil game.

At one point in RE, your character (Named Jill, duh) almost gets crushed to death by a falling ceiling, at which point Barry (fucking Barry, always joking at the wrong times) is quick to point out she was about to be a “Jill Sandwich.” Yeah, no shit Barry. Thanks for the help.

But seeing the actual shop in a different game is pretty hilarious. I wonder if they press the bread?

Alien: Colonial Marines: Hello Mah Baby

This game may have been a kick to the balls and is basically unplayable, but there is one easter egg in the game that forces me to not completely hate the programmers. Spaceballs, which is a sci-fi satire as all geeks know, has a scene in it when a chestburster (from Alien series) busts out of John Hurt’s stomach (yes, they used same actor from Alien) except in this version, the baby alien is wearing a top hat and, well, it may be better if I just show you:

Classic scene reference from awesome movie makes for decent easter egg in very shitty game. Go figure.

See how awesome that is? So when you find an empty specimen container in the game that has a tiny cane and top hat, you have to smile, even if the game is this shitty.

Hitman: Lucky Coin

Not my definition of “lucky” but everyone is different. To me, this coin is cursed if THAT is the end result.

Not even sure this constitutes an easter egg but it is pretty specific and pretty insane so it passes based on those merits. In Hitman: Blood Money there is a stage where you are at an outdoor party and you are intermingling with the social sects when you find a group of rednecks (is that racist?) sorta being rowdy. If you find and shoot a small, very specific coin in the level they will, for some reason, strip down their underwear, come to wherever you are on the level, and surround you while clapping, nearly naked.

I know it sounds insane because it is. View above. By the way, they should call that more a “bad luck coin” than a lucky coin TBH. last thing you want when you are an assassin who is trying to stay down-low is naked guys around you in a circle clapping.

I assume.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Play Pitfall and Other Classics

Pitfall easter egg better than actual game it is in. That is both sad and kinda ironic.

The best easter eggs are the ones that are interactive, in my opinion. As cool as it is to find the secret room in the first Arkham game, it is still just a boring room with some blueprints for second game drawn out. But COD Black Ops 2 has a PERFECT example of an easter egg worth working for just to get the payoff.

In the Nuketown 2025 map, shoot the heads off all the dummies within 30 seconds to open up access to an old Atari 2600 that actually has Activision games on them. Like Pitfall (the greatest Atari game of ALL TIME) that you can actually play.

Hell, the Pitfall easter egg in Black Ops 2 is the best thing about the game. And you can play a few other games, too, but Pitfall for the win. A game about falling in pits that is named literally. Doesn’t get much better than that. Well, actually, one does…

Stanley Parable: Disco Party

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the indie gem, The Stanley Parable. Those who find it subversive, satirical, and utterly brilliant and those who are wrong. Luckily, I am from the first school of thought and think the following easter egg is one of the best in gaming. Find weird room full of monitors. Wait for a few minutes and do nothing. Switch appears. You are a gamer so of course you hit it, and what happens next is pure easter egg gold:

Now THAT is how you f*cking easter egg!

Who doesn’t want a random disco party for not following instructions? That wins! Game over, literally.

For literal individuals: The best Easter eggs ever

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