7 Video Games Coming in 2017 That We Cannot Wait to Play

2016 was a fantastic year for gaming. It really was. Many games that dropped are top tier (Uncharted 4, duh) and we even got some games that had been promised to us for years but we had heard nothing more about (The Last Guardian). On top of that, indie games like Inside and Abzu made a very solid argument that indie’s are still taking over. Considering we are still in the infancy of 2017, we thought now the perfect time to wax spastic about the video games coming in 2017 we just cannot wait to get our greasy gamer mitts on.

Resident Evil 7

I know, I know. I kinda need to shut up about this game but you have no idea how much is riding on it for me. I bought my original Playstation just to play Resident Evil and played every game since, some fantastic, some fuckshows. With just how much RE6 disappointed me and most major fans of the series, this has us excited at the bold new direction the series seems to be going.

While it could be said it feels very Outlast and PT in the demo, it has puzzles and herbs so I am holding out hope this game will make us all shit our pants and save this once fantastic series, bringing it back to its former glory once again.


A colorful platform game full of amazing, memorable characters made by the same folks who made some of the BEST platform games of all time, Rare? Yes, sign me up. Sign me up for two, actually. One genre that has taken a big hit in the 8th generation is platform games. All we get now is violence (as seen on this list) so to get something from Rare that reminds of us Rare’s old N64 games is just what our ugly, angry souls need right now.

Now let’s just pray they still got the gift and it doesn’t end up like Nuts and Bolts, their last miscarriage. Though the above footage is VERY promising that this is the platform game we didn’t know we NEEDED right now, but truly need more than ever.


I will come right out and say it. I LOVED the first Prey game, was one of the best games that dropped at the start of the 7th console gen and no one seemed to pick it up or play it. Was creepy at times, used portals in the exact same way Portal does only five years before Portal came out. But fuck all that, the new Prey looks like some Blade Runner shit and looks even better.

Though details are slim, if you cats missed playing the first one AND don’t play this one, Ima come to each one of your houses and buttslam your Mom. Why?

Why not, I clearly have mental problems.

Little Nightmares

I am sorry but the whole Limbo indie formula (run right to left and avoid scary but stunning looking shit while solving puzzles that are cryptic as hell) is just something I really enjoy, and Little Nightmares looks like something that was shit out of Tim Burton’s brain on  LSD during Halloween and made into a game.

It is also here to remind people that, though big games can be a blast, we need to still support smaller, unique games as well or they will stop being made and we will just be drowning in Call of Duty games and let’s be honest, none of us want that (except for those of you who do, I suppose).

Detroit: Become Human

I know some people are not fans of Quantic Dreams games (as they are more like stories you play, grown up “Choose your own Adventure” games so to speak). But I, for one, have LOVED them since Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit) and find what they do to be incredibly engrossing and incredibly original. Heavy Rain blew my mind and this game looks that times 10.

Rather than tell you about the game, how you just watch the FANTASTIC above trailer and realize that NO TWO PEOPLE will likely play the game the same way (for REAL, not some No Man’s Sky lie again) and you realize, the best movie coming out next year may not actually be a movie but may very well end up being Detroit: Become Human. It’s like PLAYING the Blade Runner sequel instead of seeing it (I hope).

Red Dead Redemption 2

What can any of us even say about this? Outside of Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption is EASILY one of the greatest games (story, gameplay, all) of all time. So the simple fact that Rockstar have been secretly working on this tite and polishing it for years and it is already almost ready to drop like a preggo is just amazing.

My hopes are it will be a prequel, I say playing as John’s old gang, and I say character switching mechanic just like part 5. I also pray I am right about all those things because that would be gaming heaven and not only the best game of 2017 but probably reclaim the title from itself as best game of all time.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A new, open world Zelda game (first TRUE open world Zelda game as a matter of fact), cell shaded graphics that outshine the Wind Waker, and Nintendo FINALLY hopefully reclaiming the true title of the best game makers in the world (though in all honesty we have not seen glimpses of that in a very LOOONNNG time).

Yes, please!?!

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Though very little is known and we have seen the same stuff over and over again, the game looks like something Studio Ghibli would make (my new favorite comparison to make when talking about pretty games, apparently) and thinking about it fills me with an eagerness to play it that seemingly outshines all other games on the list. I think I just want make sure nintendo still “has it.” You know what I mean? And Breath of the Wild makes it look like they sure as shit still have it.

So what game are YOU looking forward to most in 2017? Let us know in comments and we will send you a copy when it drops!*

*Not true, never gonna happen, sorry. 

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