2016's Best and Most Memorable Video Gaming Moments

2016 seems like the year that the 8th console generation finally caught steam and started going on the momentum that it should, firing off games that we all NEEDED to play. There were big budget games that actually MET people’s expectations. There were some indie games that dropped that made top tier games look like they still had some learning to do. We even got games we were waiting for for over a decade. So all in all, 2016 was a good year for gamers and gaming in general.

So rather than waste any more time talking about how great the year was for us gamer geeks, how about we go straight into the list of best gaming moments of 2016? Please keep in mind, I am not rich and did not get to play EVERYTHING that came out so if your fave moment is not on this list is does not mean I disagree with you. It probably means I may not have played that game, just keeping it real. Make no mistakes, this site does not send me games to review. I gotta buy them shits with my own money. That is called “dedication to his craft” for those wondering.

The Reveal of INSIDE

I will not put the big reveal of Inside here or even say much about it but INSIDE was EASILY one of the best game experiences of 2016. Made by the small wunderkind team behind Limbo, INSIDE was hauntingly atmospheric like its forefather, and told a story by not holding hands of the gamers and letting them uncover the story themselves through stunning visuals, animations, and a minimal use of colors that greatly changes the feel of the world you are in.

BUT (and there is always a but)….

It was the end (last moments and ending) of INSIDE that left my mouth agape and looking differently back on the game I had just finished. Best ending since Bioshock in the sense of how shocked it makes you?

Yes, just yes. Go download INSIDE now unless you hate yourself and life-changing games.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

First Time Becoming Batman in VR

Yes, I will stand behind my argument that VR gaming sucks and it will NOT catch on (and this game kinda proves it) but man, that first moment you put on the outfit and cowl was a moment I really have trouble capturing in words. It is exactly like you would feel getting fitted into the batsuit, cowl coming down slowly over your face, making you feel like the biggest, baddest motherf*cker this side of Arkham Asylum.

Now the rest of the game may have been super MEH, but that moment was the only true immersive VR moment I have ever felt and I swear, for a second once that cowl hit my fat face, I WAS Batman. Or maybe Fatman, but it still felt awesome.

Uncharted 4’s Many Water Cooler Moments (Village Chase FTW)

I am one of those people who thinks that Uncharted needs to hang it up. GREAT series beginning to end, no doubt, but by the end of the fourth outing, you definitely have had your fill of grabbing on tiny ledges and shooting guys from behind cover. But neither of those things are why we play Uncharted games. We play them for the water cooler moments better than most action films and part four did not disappoint in that department at ALL. It could very well be said the scene above captures that madness best. A chase scene 100 times better than what we even see in Fast and Furious movies.

Take that, Hollywood. Oh, and Naughty Dog, we love Uncharted, but you cats are geniuses, give us a new I.P and blow our minds all over again, please?

The Last Guardian (for FINALLY Existing)

I know some people were let down by the (frustratingly realistic) animal behaviors, but the game was revelatory. Team Ico did it again, making another world that is palpably believable and making us fall in love with that world over time only to (GASP) feel feelings at the end.

But I, personally, feared this game would be in development hell until it vanished so the simple fact it is in my PS4 RIGHT NOW tells me this one deserves a spot on the list and truly offers a unique and moving game experience that will stay in your soul long after the game ends, like all Team Ico games.

But if we are picking key moments from The Last Guardian, crumbling bridge segment for the actual win. That shit was awe-inspiring.

The Social Phenom of Overwatch

Multiplayer has been at the forefront of gaming for years now, but with mixed results. Basically, people played the same five multiplayer games over and over (Left for Dead 2, CODs etc. etc.) but new multiplayer games coming out were not quite up to snuff.

Then Overwatch happened.

Suddenly, multiplayer online shooters were appealing to everyone due to the amount of characters and play styles that you could utilize in Overwatch. It took more than the medic and tank character. It added characters for every kind of gamer, and the end result was one of the best multiplayer experiences ever (outside Rocket League, holla).

Hell, Overwatch even made Twitch watching actually fun.

RE7 Demo

I know it is very odd to put a game demo on the list of best gaming moments of 2016, but let’s talk about the Resident Evil 7 beginning hour demo. First of all, a lot of Resident Evil fans (myself included) were turned off after the abysmal part 6. And though the Resident Evil 7 demo felt more like PT (look it up) then it did an actual Resident Evil game, it was an incredibly immersive experience and a truly terrifying one. Graphics were top notch, puzzles were very RE, and yet it had an original feel to it, too.

This hints that RE7 (dropping this month) could be the scary-ass Resident Evil we have all been clamoring for since part 4,. So therefore, this demo made the list because it was one of MY best gaming moments of 2016.

It also has me really excited to see where gaming in 2017 takes us

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