Webtoons have recently become a popular form of comics. Known for its colored drawings and vertical scroll format, – making them easier to read in phones and tablets – webtoons have become the perfect digital comics. Today, there are a lot of websites that host these kinds of comics like WEBTOON (previously Line Webtoon), Tappy Toon, Lezhin Comics, Toomics, and many more.

For those interested in getting into webtoons, we have compiled the best webtoons to get you started!


Image Credit: WEBTOON

Noblesse was one of the first comics to be translated in English on WEBTOON in 2014. However, it was first released in 2007 and ended in 2019. Today, it already has an animated version, an OVA, and an anime series in production.

The story is about Rai, a noble vampire, who was asleep for 820 years. He wakes up in a world very different from the one he knew before he went to sleep. As he is slowly getting used to the new world and being a student in a high school founded by his servant, the peace he has is suddenly threatened by a mysterious organization that targets human students.

Solo Leveling

Image Credit: Solo Leveling Wiki

Solo Leveling immediately rose to popularity after being released two years ago and was even recognized as the #1 Webtoon of 2019 in Japan’s Piccoma. Originally a web novel, Solo Leveling is now one of the best webtoons we have today, even having physical copies published under D&C Media.

Humans with superpowers exist in the world of Solo Leveling. Hunters are what they call these humans because they creatures and monsters that roam the world. Sung Jin-woo, the protagonist, is the World’s Weakest hunter and this story is his journey to becoming the most powerful hunter.


Image Credit: WEBTOON

UnOrdinary started as a submission on LINE’s Challenge League and eventually became a featured series on WEBTOON. Ever since its first release in 2016, UnOrdinary already has 181 chapters and counting. And it still remains to be one of WEBTOON’s most popular webtoons.

The story starts in Wellston High School, a high school for the elite filled with students possessing special powers. In a school where your power determines your status, John – the protagonist – is at the bottom of the ladder due to the fact he possesses no powers. However, his mysterious past soon catches up with, which threatens the school’s hierarchy.

True Beauty

Image Credit: True Beauty Wiki

For those who want a romantic or comedic story, True Beauty is one of the good webtoons to start with. Its story is funny and its characters are relatable, which is why in just three weeks after its first release, it was able to rank first in different countries. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the comic will be adapted into a drama.

Lim Jugyeong is a “shy, comic book fan” turned popular beauty in high school by learning how to apply make-up. True Beauty follows her story as she tries to hide her “real self” from others, most especially from the boy he likes.

Cheese in The Trap

Image Credit: WEBTOON

Speaking of webtoons turned dramas, Cheese in the Trap is one of the successful ones early on. The webtoon ran from 2010 to 2017, but the drama adaptation was already released in 2016 and had a different ending from the webtoon. A movie with the same name was also released in 2018 as well.

The webtoon follows the story of Seol Hong, a hardworking, achiever student. After meeting Jung Yu, a senior, things in her life went downhill; and she believes that it was all Jung Yu’s doing.

Tower of God

Image Credit: WEBTOON

Tower of God is one of the best webtoons among fans. Initially released in 2010, the comic has been running for 10 years now and just last April 2020, an anime series of the same name premiered in Japan. Moreover, an RPG mobile game based on the comic was also released in 2013 by Naver.

Tower of God is a place where anyone can make their dreams or wishes come true. People try to climb the tower to become Rankers – those who reached the top floor (134th floor) – to fulfill their wishes. However, each floor has tests and each test increasingly gets difficult as one goes higher. But for Baam, the protagonist, he enters the Tower to find his friend, Rachel.


Image Credit: WEBTOON

For those looking for something darker, Bastard may be the webtoon for you. Released in 2014, Bastard is a psychological thriller drama and has been rated by WEBTOON as for 19+ readers only.

It is the story of Seon Jin, a high school student who lives a miserable life. In school, he gets bullied and at home, he fears his father – a CEO of a company. However, what no one knows is that his father is a serial killer and has been killing for years now. And he’s the (unwilling) accomplice. Soon, Seon Jin is forced to make a choice when his father takes an interest on Yoon Kyun, a transfer student and the girl Seon Jin likes.

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