Wonder Woman is kind of a fascinating character. The Amazonian superheroine began as the fantasy of polyamorist and lovable oddball William Moulton Marston. But as one of the few strong women to be found in the Golden Age of comics, Wonder Woman swiftly gained a new status as a feminist icon. She’s always occupied a special niche among cosplayers as well, since her classic costume is iconic and straightforward. And her classic costume brings no shortage of sex appeal as well, which resonates well with her real-life origin story. Here’s our favorite Wonder Woman cosplay: some sexy, some badass, but all excellent.

Cosplay by Alice | Photography by Kelly Lewis

wonder woman cosplay kids
Copyright 2015 by Kelly Lewis (kellyisnice.com)

Kelly Lewis (kellyisnice) takes “haunting, inspiring photos” of her daughter Alice’s cosplay. She’s done many different characters, but 9-year-old Alice’s Wonder Woman exudes the power, poise and pride that anyone would be proud to see in their young daughter. For many children, dressing up as their idols is an empowering creative outlet, but for Alice, it helped her escape a challenging past. She was adopted by the Lewises in 2012, at 7 years old, and up until then, she had not had an easy life. As Kelly Lewis told Fstoppers, “Playing make-believe is how [Alice]’s coped with all of the negative things she’s lived through. It’s just a natural part of her being now and cosplaying gives her a creative outlet to express herself and be whoever she wants to be.”

Cosplay by Jessica LG | Photography by Estrada

Jessica LG is one of the better-known women in the cosplay world, with a huge range of cosplays for D.C. heroes beyond Wonder Woman. Her cosplay captures Wonder Woman’s iconic Silver Age “Tankini” look. As always, her wig and makeup are off the chain, complementing one of the best Wonder Woman cosplays.

Cosplayed by V330 Creations | Photography by WeNeals

sexy wonder woman cosplay

There’s been plenty of back and forth on whether Wonder Woman should wear pants. Cosplay team V330 Creations takes a strong (and sexy) stance, with tight leather pants a biker jacket to match. It definitely conveys the sense of strength and powerful inherent to the character. You can check out more photos from the set here.

Cosplay by Florencia Sofen | Photography by Peck Photography

cosplay wonder woman

Florencia Sofen‘s elaborate Wonder Woman cosplay includes what might be the best shield we’ve seen on the character, as well an enormous, fantasy-style sword. It’s topped off with a prize-fighter belt and winning corset detailing. She looks ready to do battle with medieval knights and win, which would be amazing (if non-canonical).

Cosplay by HAnnie Cosplay | Photography by Collin Kerr Photography

sexy wonder woman cosplay

HAnnie‘s exceptionally-executed Wonder Woman cosplay captures the best parts of the character’s “Dawn of Justice” restyle, with awesome armor detailing and a sexy leather skirt. The leather bandolier holding her Lasso of Truth is an excellent, cinematically-consistent touch.

Cosplay by Eve Beauregard | Photography by What A Big Camera

cosplay Wonder Woman

This awesome take on Wonder Woman’s “Dawn of Justice” costume is by stunning Australian cosplayer Eve Beauregard. The silver detailing is accented by silver cuffs and a silver satin cape, with a little color-choice inspiration from Wonder Woman’s New52 costume.

Cosplay by Tori Black | Photography by PremiumPass.com

sexy wonder woman cosplay

This tight cosplay comes from honest-to-goodness adult film star Tori Black, so it’s no surprise that it exudes sex appeal. It’s not the most technically impressive cosplay on our list, but it captures the sultry side of Wonder Woman exquisitely.

Cosplay by Jessica LG | Photography by VisualVortex

cosplay wonder woman

We’ve already seen Jessica LG‘s more traditional Wonder Woman costume, but this World War II-themed take is worth featuring. Unusual kit here includes some golden pistols, bandolier wristlets, an ammo belt and a killer bomber jacket. We’re always up for unique looks at the character, and this captures a modern version of the Amazonian superhero’s warrior nature. She looks like she could be fighting alongside Captain America in a color-coordinated duo.

Cosplay by xSoulxxxReaperx | Photography by Leonard Lee

sexy wonder woman cosplay

Versatile cosplayer xSoulxxxReaperx has this glossy take on Wonder Woman. It goes for the sexier side of the character’s “Injustice: Gods Among Us” look. Check out the wing detailing on the shoes!

Cosplay by y-o-s-s-i | Photography by *Another-Rose

sexy wonder woman cosplay

The pose might be somewhat cliche, but this sexy Wonder Woman cosplay is worth showing off. Y-o-s-s-i has been cosplaying Wonder Woman for a while, and you can catch some her other photos on her DeviantArt page.

Cosplay by Cupcake Disko | Photography by Martin Wong

best wonder woman cosplay

This fifties-inspired Wonder Woman by Cupcake Disko is less of a cosplay and more of a costume. It does graph a little non-canonical patriotism on to the character, but the dress exudes style, making enough references to the source material that the character connection is obvious even if the style is new. It looks like what Wonder Woman might wear back at Justice League headquarters, if she were into being a fifties housewife on her days off.

Cosplay by Unknown | Photography by DTJAAAAM

best wonder woman cosplay

This steampunk twist on Wonder Woman is by an unknown cosplayer from the 2015 Anime Expo. Photographer David “DTJAAAAM” Ngo was on the floor photographing all and sundry. The aviatrix cap is a perfect fit for the owner of an invisible jet, and the Victorian-style corset and skirt is exceptionally tailored. It’s and unique departure from the more common WW cosplays, and well done at that.

Cosplay by Ross Diong | Photography by Jemarc Mojica

sexy wonder woman cosplay

Gorgeous Filipino cosplayer Ross Diong kills it in her Dawn of Justice-inspired Wonder Woman cosplay. Her prop work is especially on point, with battle-weathered shield and sword to complete the look.

Cosplay by Kamui Cosplay | Photography by Martin Wong

This might be the best Wonder Woman cosplay on our list, at least technically. It has a great fantasy look, aping some WoW-style, hilariously-large armor. And it’s all the more amazing that the costume was completed in just one-and-a-half weeks! According to Benni’s blog post, once Svetlana saw Yaya Han’s concept art for Wonder Woman’s appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us, she was desperate to cosplay WW for the Comikaze Expo. With no time to spare, she got out her Worbla craftfoam and absolutely demolished the look.

Cosplay by Apotheosis Cosplay | Photography by Glenn Rane

cosplay wonder woman

Here another unique look at the Wonder Woman character. Strict cosplayers might say this look is more “Wonder Woman-inspired,” since it doesn’t bear a resemblance to a canonical costume. Regardless this pin-up-style, sexy cosplay captures a compelling look at the character. Again, we see the addition of aviatrix element here, with a style that wouldn’t look out of place on a 1944 War Department poster.

Cosplay by Lady Lemon Cosplay | Photography by Fernando Brischetto

sexy wonder woman cosplay

Lady Lemon is skilled cosplayer and visual effects artist from Argentina, pictured here at the 2013 Anime Expo in full Wonder Woman kit. Her cosplay comes correct with astounding armor pieces and props, including a detailed shield, battle-scarred breast plate and a Roman-style gladiator skirt.

Cosplay by Margie Cox | Photography by Andrew Michael Phillips

sexy wonder woman cosplay

Margie Cox‘s straight-forward Wonder Woman cosplay captures the best part of her memorable Silver Age look, with a graphic, gold breastplate and a bold circlet.

Cosplay by Meagan Marie | Photography by On LIVO

best Wonder Woman cosplay

Meagan Marie‘s leather-heavy Wonder Woman is ready for battle, with a bloodied sword and roughed-up metal details.

Cosplay by Illyne | Photography by Shudan Pictures

cosplay Wonder Woman

Illyne’s Wonder Woman truly captures the spirit of the warrior, with blood and dirt fresh from the battlefield smeared across her body. Yet even in the heat of battle, Wonder Woman’s gold accents sparkle, from her dress to her shield.

Cosplay by Ivettepuig | Photography By Hidrico

sexy wonder woman cosplay

This beautiful-retouched image of Ivette Puig’s sexy Wonder Woman cosplay captures the her magical Lasso of Truth. The unique weapon is unbreakable and infinitely elastic, forcing snared criminals to tell only the truth.

Cosplay by Meagan Marie | Photography by Andrew Ho

best wonder woman cosplay

Here’s a look at Meagan Marie‘s Wonder Woman cosplay fresh from battle, complete with a battle-scarred shield, a regal helm and worn greaves.

Cosplay by Oniksiya Sofinikum | Photography by JustMoolti

sexy wonder woman cosplay

Oniksiya Sofinikum captures a simple, sexy Wonder Woman cosplay.

Cosplay by Meagan Marie | Photography by Adam Patrick Murray

best wonder woman cosplay

Meagan Marie is back one more time to show of an uncommon rendition: Atomic Wonder Woman. She might look like a cross between Lollipop Chainsaw and Dead Rising, but the design is actually from the short-lived 2015 MOBA Infinite Crisis, which pitched D.C. heroes and villains against one other in chaotic battle.

Cosplay by EKIDNA | Photography by Shudan Pictures

sexy wonder woman cosplay

French cosplayer EKIDNA shows off her excellently-styled Wonder Woman, with a detailed breastplate, Justice League shield and unique pants. She even manages a well-sculpted circlet to cap of the imposing, regal look.

Cosplay by Miracole Burns | Photography by BGZ Studios

best wonder woman cosplay

This marvelously retouched image of Miracole Burns‘ Wonder Woman might obscure some of the cosplay’s finer details, but it perfectly captures the aggressive danger in this battle-ready Wonder Woman cosplay.

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