5 Uses for Samsung's Transparent AMOLED Screen

Samsung raised the bar for innovation this CES 2010, bringing us one step closer to the floating digital interface we see in Avatar and Minority Report. So it’s baby steps with transparent screens. If you think about it though factors like sunlight glare and privacy will easily compromise usability. Here are five uses for the see-thru screen portable.

1. Team Based LAN Gaming
Voice chat is a staple in today’s gaming industry. But sometimes your team wants to have a look at your screen’s killcam to know where exactly that n00b tuber is chucking out grenades. Rather than give your neck a bad strain, just look forward.

2. Call Centers and Peon-Level Cubicles
Finally, a way for floor managers to tell if the staff is idling away on Farmville, Mafia Wars, or downloading porn.

3. Decor
Picture several of these 14 inchers platformed on a ramp with a full screen slideshow or movie playing simultaneously. Or ambient decor in a restaurant. It makes the perfect MP3 player side by side those transparent JBL speakers you always wanted.

4. Public Computer Kiosk
These things make for the best public computer kiosks in airports and coffee shops. If you ever want to find a way for your customers to limit their Internet time, have a few of these in very public places so that they stick to doing only the essentials and leave.

5. Below the Line Transparency Campaign
You know what this country needs? A little bit more transparency. Here’s a pitch to you, Samsung. How about having this as a front desk cubicle computer so that everyone can see your bosses’ real schedule? How about having this as the POS or reference computer at the cashier so that you don’t have to hide the dealer’s price from your customers? Put this in front of the restaurant so you know if your table is really “reserved.”

[photo c/o Techie via Gizmodo]

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