Who says married couples can’t enjoy a little #netflixandchill? Well, not all of us.

While Netflix can be a great tool to sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing, if you’re like me, this can get on your wife’s nerves. Yes, even though we do those “lovely couple” activities such as curating our anniversary and hosting dinner parties, (as many of you know) the little things can irk our significant other. And unfortunately for me, I can’t resist watching several episodes of Louie while cracking a couple could ones. But for her, that’s unacceptable.

Even though I’m a part of the 70% of Netflix subscribers that binge watch, I can’t escape the wrath of how she says I’m being unproductive and lazy. And while we’re both a part of the 65% of folks that are switching to watching video content over cable, she still doesn’t see the rationale in watching episode after episode. Albeit, I haven’t exactly explained to her that I do other things while I’m binging, which gave me an idea.

As many couples before, I decided that this was going to be a time to lead by example. Even though she didn’t see my side of how this wasn’t bad behavior, I figured if I’d put forth the effort in showing her the array of things that can be done while you’re letting Netflix run. The result? I learned quite a bit about a few things in my relationship, which I’m happy to share with you below:

Compromise is King

If you’re already married, then you know compromise is an important part of your relationship. However, it’s also important to remember the adage that has saved many marriages: pick your battles. While it’s not always easy, family counselor Centerstone suggests that couples compromise based on a system of value.

When it comes to binge-watching, there are a few different options you can run through to keep your wife happy while catching up on your favorite shows. For example, taking her out to her favorite restaurant or bar later on that night could bode well. Additionally, there’s plenty of things you could do to earn brownie points for her while you’re binge-watching, such as folding her clothes or cooking dinner for the both of y’all.

The overall goal here is to find a happy medium that facilitates both of your interests. Remember, this is a game of picking your battles, so make sure you know how much binge watching is worth to you versus how much it’s worth to her.

Stay Productive

Another way you can binge watch Netflix while keeping a good balance is by staying productive while you’re watching. While you might miss out on a few aspects of a show or movie, maintaining a strong mental focus when you watch will set an example. What this essentially means is because you’re being productive, watching Netflix turns into a passive activity, which encourages your significant other to work on something as well. As silly as this sounds, it can be a great activity for couples to engage in as it says you’re still growing with each other on a day-to-day basis. Plus, if it’s your best way of working, then who can argue with that?

Turn It Into Quality Time

Out of anything I’ve said here, this is probably the most critical piece of advice. As most of us know, no matter how long down the road you are, you’re always supposed to date your significant other. What this means is that you should never let yourself slack on those initial feelings of trying to impress or woo your now wife. It’s simple, but it’s a piece of advice that stands the test of time, which is why when it comes to watching Netflix, implementing some quality time is critical.

Even as a married couple, Netflix can still be the best cheap date there is. So, order (or make) her favorite food, bring out the chardonnay and pull up a quality film for the both of you. Sometimes the simplest things can go a long way, and when it comes to quality time with your significant other, these actions can speak volume. Plus, as your wife you want to do everything to keep her happy, so how will you define your #netflixandchill?

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