Bitten by the Apple bug

By Mel


I think I’ve been bitten by the Apple bug.

I’ve been using computers for more than fifteen years now and not once have I ever been compelled to buy anything with an Apple logo on it. I just find it too expensive for my taste. In fact, I could practically count the total number of hours (not even days) that I have handled a Mac in my whole computer “life”.

My very first Apple product was an iPod, which I bought three years ago. It was a fifth gen with a 60gb storage and the reason I bought it was simply because I couldn’t find an iRiver player in my area. I gradually fell in love with my iPod and its very sturdy build quality.

But the first real Apple love that i felt was this year. It started with the project I’m working on right now. Three of the people I work with all have Macbooks and I could see just how easy and effortless it is for them to use the machine. The virtual mode that allows you to use Windows was a great attraction for me. Then my wife complained about our old Acer laptop and she dropped hints that she wanted a Mac. So I started shopping around for one and I discovered how affordable it is to own a Mac now. THEN the iPhone 3G was announced and I totally fell in love with the whole concept of having an iPhone AND a Mac at my home. The thought of also having a his-and-hers Mac became all the more tempting for me.

If I don’t find a cure for this Mac obsession, I would most likely buy a Mac for myself before the year ends.

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