BlackBerry 7250 Review

I’ve been a BlackBerry user for over 4 years now, and in that time I’ve seen the handheld units improve from being a “new thing” to something that actually allows me to be productive while I’m away from the office. Even with those improvements, there are still things that could be improved. With that, here’s a look at my likes and dislikes for my BlackBerry 7250.


  • Colour screen: ok, that’s easy, given that my old unit was almost 2 years old. Do any mobiles come without a colour screen now?
  • Photos: I can store photos on my BlackBerry, easily saved from the web. I’ve grabbed a number of photos from my flickr contacts since I got the unit. I couldn’t do that before, so this is a cool feature.
  • Size: this unit is smaller than the 6750 I used to have. Not by much, but noticeable for sure.
  • Screen display: While the screen is smaller, I have much more control over the font-size. I like my fonts small so I can read more on the screen. RIM also packaged their own set of fonts for their new OS as well, and they look to be great for tiny displays.
  • Backlit display: The display has two brightness settings, whereas my old one only had one setting. The lighter setting is fine and still very usable, however it is the brightest setting that makes all the difference. It makes a way better flashlight. Honestly.
  • Web Browser: Research in Motion actually built their own browser for this one, and it puts the older 3rd party ones they had licenced to shame. It supports JavaScript, Cascading StyleSheets, and even looks like it respects handheld media stylesheets as well.
  • Attachments: this unit ships with built-in, intelligent attachment handling. I can view spreadsheets, word processed documents, PDFs and images with ease. Thank you – this is my top feature, without a doubt. Hopefully in future versions I’d actually be able to modify the attachments and send them back.


OK, I really only have two dislikes with this BlackBerry so far:

  • No charging cradle: this unit gets its charge from a USB cable, but there is no desktop cradle to place the handheld in. This is my biggest beef. Now, the cord has to sit — well, anywhere, and that’s the problem. I’m finding it on the floor more often that not, and that’s not cool next to a desk with a rolling office chair.
  • Quick phone access: There has always been a button to jump straight to the phone. In this unit it is on the top. Right where anyone has to push down to place the unit in the belt clip. Sorry, but that was a mistake.
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