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One of the franchises that never fails is the Terminator. From movies to the TV series and an endless stream of mini-series and even the odd novel or two (which I highly recommend).

Terminator 1984 from Dark Horse is a cut above even those talented offerings. Written by Zack Whedon (yes, that Whedon, Josh’s brother who we have seen as a script-writer on Angel and nowadays on Fringe), the series is set partially during the very first film. Taking advantage of the Terminator universe’s malleable timeline, a friend of Kyle Reese travels back to the original events in an effort to save Reese, to ensure that his lover Paige survives in a future event. I don’t know if this plot is spiralling out of the Terminator 2029 series (although I do intend to go look) but I can give you a very good reason why I don’t really care.

Comic adaptations of movies rarely live up to the movie itself, just as movie rarely live up to the books they have been adapted from. There is is always something missing not just technically, but emotionally as well, frequently due to the limitations of the media. However, 1984 only touches tangentially on the events of the movie, but is steeped in the very essence of that classic. This is the first adaptation in a long time where I can hear Sarah Connor’s voice or actually feel the sensation of the explosions (albeit still in two dimensions). From the darkness of the Cyberdyne plant to the hot arid heat of the desert, Whedon’s writing assisted no doubt by artist Andy MacDonald and colorist Dan Jackson, the mood and art of each scene hooks up nicely with my memories of the first movie. It does not alter them or over-write them but only serves to enhance them. Maybe like Zack it is because I was a teenager when I first saw the film, but the passion and respect for that classic shines through. I must take my hat off to all involved.

Terminator 1984 #2 hit the stands yesterday, maybe you can still get an issue one as well.  If you are a Terminator fan, even if only on the screen rather than the page, I urge you to pick this one up. This has re-awoken my taste for the franchise and I can see that I will be spending the weekend digging through the back issue bins to find out what I have missed.

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