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Bleeding Art Industries Scares Up the Best Horror FX for Halloween

WARNING: Some content shown here may not be for all audiences, especially kids and those with weak stomachs. So if that sort of stuff bothers you, make sure you’re sitting down before you scroll further or click on any of the images or videos below.

Halloween is a time for scares and there’s no better bloody way to do it than to create some of the gorier effects yourself. During a trip to Calgary earlier this year, I visited Bleeding Art Industries, where they make the gross-out effects you love for fun and for a living.

Within hours of touching down on Canadian soil, some fellow new-to-Canada journalists and I were whisked away to a secret location on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta. There we met some of the most innovative people currently creating practical special effects in the Canadian film industry. Once we stepped inside the doors of the fairly nondescript building, we were blown away by the creature effects on display just in the lobby of the company called Bleeding Art Industries, a home grown independent practical effects studio staffed by people passionate about their craft. Their motto is “We Create Cool” and they wasted no time in showing us “cool” their jobs were.

We sat down with Creative Director Leo Wieser and Business Director Becky Scott and asked them a little about how Bleeding Art Industries came to be, far from the hub of studios and effects houses normally found in nearby Vancouver or far off Los Angeles, California. They are the minds behind “Skeleton Girl”, Canada’s first stereoscopic 3D stop motion animated short film, where it won Best First 3D Film at its world premiere in New York. But what they’re best known for is their work on the hit SYFY series “Wynona Earp” (just renewed for a 3rd season!). When we visited, the second season had not even aired yet, so much of what they had to share was still under wraps, but that didn’t mean we were going to walk away without a peek at some of their best work from season 1.

Wynonna Earp is a series about a woman and her demon killing gun, filmed mostly in and around Calgary, so it made sense that their practical effects team would be close at hand. Leo and Becky introduced us to their Head Fabricator, Alyssa Moor, who let us get hands-on with one of her biggest and most gruesome creations to date. In episode 8 of season 1, a character named Bethany receives an autopsy… while still alive. In order to bring such a unsettling scene to life, they called upon the team at Bleeding Art Industries to make it happen. In the video below, you can see us digging around in the lifelike body, with its open chest cavity and organs on display. It was an exact mold of the actress’ body and just a little too real in some ways, but that didn’t stop us from picking up the organs and giving them a squeeze. You’ll hear the delight in the voice of one of the journalists (Kat from Comic Trips) in the video below, who considered the experience “better than Disney World”.

To see how the autopsy body looked in the actual scene it was used in, check out this clip from Wynonna Earp here:

Wynonna Earp – “Hearts Are a Girl’s Best Friend (season 1, episode 8)

If you want to take a deeper look into our visit to Bleeding Art Industries, check out the video below from the Comic Trips team. If you want to see just the Bleeding Arts Industry visit from another angle, you can scrub ahead to 9:50 in the video (it ends about 17:20). But I highly suggest checking out their 2 part video series on their trip to Calgary (with cameos by me), especially if you’re a comic book fan. They know how to take on a Comic-Con.

Check out more of the projects from Bleeding Art Industries, visit their official site to follow their blog or buy some of their products. Try their YouTube channel to see how they make some of the creepiest practical effects from Wynonna Earp and other shows and movies come to life.

You can watch the entire award winning “Skeleton Girl” stop motion short film here:

And in case you’re wondering, yes, they do provide practical effects makeup, blood, powders, and even fake glass to make your Halloween costume or cosplay the scariest it can be this year. You can purchase online or, if you’re in Calgary, swing by their effects shop to check out everything they have available in person. Here’s just a few of the creepy fun things we got to see in the lobby and in the back offices, warehouse, and studio of Bleeding Art Industries:

* Answers to questions: Yes, those are buckets of (fake) blood and that is a working flame thrower. No, I sadly did not get to throw any flame.

And if you want to know what this Wynonna Earp show is all about, here’s the first trailer via SYFY:

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