Blogging in the buff

Lorelle on WordPress cites a study made by Internet security provider SonicWall on habits of the mobile/telecommuting workforce.

Among the notable observations was on clothing prefernces while working at home.

All respondents were relaxed about their personal habits when working remotely. While about 39% of respondents of both sexes said they wear sweats while working from home, 12% of males and 7% of females wear nothing at all.

44% of women surveyed said they showered on work-at-home days, as opposed to men, who were slightly more likely to shave (33%) than wash (30%).

Okay, I guess there are only a few professions that let you work clothes-optional, and if you’re pro-blogging from home, you can now proudly say that your “office” environment allows a flexible attire policy, to the extent that you can work in the buff and no one will give a damn!

I haven’t exactly tried blogging in the buff myself, but working from home and telecommuting most of the time (usually blogging and writing), I can say I’m enjoying the flexibility of working in my sleepwear when I just don’t have the time to freshen up yet.

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However, here’s a note to work-at-home people: productivity is related to your level of comfort–feel like crap and you can’t work; be too comfortable, and you doze off, so “just enough” is best. And personally I feel more comfortable when I’ve already freshened up and slipped into a comfy, smart casual attire–usually khaki shorts, leather sandals and a T-shirt or sport shirt. And I do shower at least twice a day especially when summer sets in and the heat and humidity are too much to bear. I don’t feel like working when I’m hot and icky!

Of course, matters of clothing and productivity are subjective. Any preferences? I’d like to hear about the weird ones, most especially!

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