Blossom Coffee: What You Get When You Put Coffee-loving Apple and NASA Engineers Together

Blossom Coffee

What goes into the perfect cup of coffee? I’m no connoisseur, although I rely heavily on caffeine to get through each day, but from what I have heard, seen, and read, it’s a complex blend of the beans, the roast, and the machine.

If Jeremy Kuempel has anything to do with it, the machine would be the crowning glory of coffee. The name may not ring a bell, but aside from being a coffee enthusiasit, Kuempel is not without tech skills. He used to work on the Apple iPad. If that is not impressive, how about having worked at Tesla, the electric car manufacturer?

Together with his team – some members of which used to work for no less than NASA – Kuempel came up with the ultimate coffee machine, and they built a company around it: Blossom Coffee.

Their first product is the Blossom One Limited, which is merely the size of a desktop computer, so you won’t have space issues even if you live in a small place. However, the price might be a tad steep at $11,111. I don’t know about you, but in spite of the fact that I can never afford to pay that much for a coffee maker, I think the figure is brilliant!

So why does the first luxury product of Blossom Coffee cost so much?

According to the product description, Blossom Coffee’s coffee maker will give you a cup of your favorite brew like never before.

The Blossom One empowers you with unprecedented control over coffee brewing. For professionals, you?ll be able to push the limits of cup quality and completely rethink the way you match roast to brew. For amateurs, you?ll be able to brew like a pro by downloading recipes made specifically for your favorite beans and brews. From bean to cup, the Blossom One will change everything you thought you knew about coffee.

So, yes, in spite of the price, the Blossom One is also being marketed to individuals. Of course, considering the fact that only a handful or two of the machines are being made, it will be rather hard to get your hands on one. Especially since they are already taking preorders.

Oh, and in case you’re still wondering if the features justify the price, check out the rest of the Blossom One’s specs: camera to scan QR codes (to determine what kind of coffee you’re making, which the machine will optimize the settings for), personal support service and free maintenance for a year (they come to your home), and possibility for custom finishing material.

Interested? Visit Blossom Coffee for more information.

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