Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player? Why not both!?

While the format wars continue, with each side giving the other continuous jabs at one another, only can only shrug and patiently wait (unless you’re not a patient person) until this whole “fever” cools down.

Some people think that exclusivity deals will determine which side wins. Personally, I think that the best approach would be to choose the format that suits your needs the most, or to choose a solution that will allow you to enjoy High Definition media without compromising either of the formats. That is what these next devices are all about, a DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD player, all in one package.

Two Japanese companies, IO-DATA and Buffalo have recently announced the availability of internal drives that are compatible with all three formats. And in Buffalo’s case, you can also purchase an external drive with the same functionality.

Considering that the devices that use this new technology are quite expensive, IO-DATA’s internal drive is actually quite affordable, at only $630. If you think about how much a Blu-Ray and an HD-DVD would cost you, this solution isn’t that bad. If you still think it’s expensive, then you’ll be happy to hear that this drive also records Blu-Rays, both the one or dual layer ones.

Buffalo, strangely enough, also announced an internal and external drives with exactly the same specifications as the one above.

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