sparkfun_bluetooth_rotary_phoneYeah, this surprised me too. At first sight I asked, “bluetooth rotary phone, say what!”. This is the SparkFun original Portable Rotary Phone, yeah if you’re from the 70’s and lower 80’s you’d definitely remember this sweet phone you’re used to burn lines with your special “friend”.

Comes complete with its original bell ring, the clicks, the tone, the feel, the entire show!

But the twist? This is the only rotary phone you can pair with your bluetooth enabled cellphone. Yup! Great eh?

The sad ending… it’s US$250… and if you’ve got the moolah, then skip happily right here.


  • Main controller board
  • Ringer module
  • Bluetooth Module
  • 6000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Built-in fast battery charger (2 hour max charge time)
  • Wall adapter (US spades but is 110-240V rated)

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