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Boruto Chapter 72 Spoilers hints at Code establishing a new Army

When Boruto Chapter 71 had a cliffhanger ending, fans curiously looked forward to learning the further events. Unfortunately, the manga series went on a month’s hiatus, and now, as it will be getting released on August 19, 2022, several reputable Twitter handles have come up with the early leaks.

The previous chapter ended with showing Code seeking revenge from Kawaki, and Eida, fans worldwide can’t wait to know how he will execute his plans. On top of that, Code fought Daemon and lost the fight, even with his limiters removed. So, it’s clear that Code wants to become more powerful, and if he succeeds, he’ll straightaway go after Boruto and Kawaki. Thanks to the upcoming chapter’s spoilers, we have a brief idea of what will happen in the manga series.

Boruto Chapter 72 Spoilers

The chapter begins with Amado calling Shikamaru to inform him about every event that had occurred. Hinata starts crying as she gets concerned for Boruto, and the latter vows that he will be fine no matter what. After that, Momoshiki shows up and repeats that Boruto’s future is full of pain, and he cannot do anything about that. However, Boruto does not take it seriously; in fact, he says that he’s the one who has the right to decide his future.

On the other hand, Code tells Amado to take care of his responsibilities. Later, he asks Ada about what she is doing. However, Ada does not take the confrontation well. Simultaneously, Shikamaru notices that something’s wrong with Ada’s left eye.

Naruto appears outside Amado’s lab, concerned about Shikamaru; he tries to open the door. But due to his failed attempts, he starts criticizing himself. That’s when Shikamaru appears and gives him a brief explanation about the delicate situation. He also tells Naruto not to interfere in the entire thing.

Besides this, Code travels to Ten Tails dimensions so that he can create a horrifying army by making human bodies with massive powers.

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